New Good Credit Service: Loans Without Applications

Did you know? Good Credit now has a new service, Non-Application Loans.

Seriously, now you can more easily enjoy a loan from Good Credit without having to install the application!

Usually, you will need to download the Good Credit app on the Google Play Store, do the registration process, personal photos and ID, wait for the account verification process before you can apply for a loan.

Now with a no-frills loan service, you can apply for a Good Credit loan through the website. That should be more practical and faster!

How to borrow

How to borrow

1. Go to the Free Credit Lending Smart website at this link.

2. Fill in your phone number in the phone number field

3. Click ‘Claim Now’

4. Fill in the verification code sent via SMS

5. Choose a loan according to your needs and ability

6. If you do not already have a Good Credit account, you will need to register first.

7. Wait for the loan approval verification process

8. Liquid funds to your account within 1 x 24 hours!

How to pay

1. Select a payment method, as shown in this post.

2. The account number or virtual account number will appear on the homepage

3. Pay the bill according to the method selected

4. Pay on time, yes, to avoid fines!

Are you safe?


Of course!

Although not in the application platform, these Good Credit-lending services remain secure. Just like its application platform which has been proven to be safe by people in Indonesia.

If you don’t install the app, you can’t get a payment reminder, right?

Luckily, the Good Credit-lending service will still send you a text message for a reminder or notification of an offer.

Good Credit CS will also remind you of your due date. ?

But if you want a higher loan approval rate, you can download the Good Credit app on the Play Store!

Let’s enjoy the simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-use lending service of Good Credit because your time is so valuable to the ubiquitous online lending service!