8 space-saving ways to store your bike

Cycling tops the list when it comes to classic hot weather pastimes (alongside eat ice cream and watch fireworks, of course). However, bicycles take up a lot of space, probably in your garage or shed. Wherever you store your family’s bikes, there are a variety of solutions that can help you keep them organized and accessible. Browse the following bike storage ideas for inspiration to get yours in order in time for riding season.

Reed Davis

1. Hang a floating shelf

A creative DIY project, a minimalist floating shelf might be all you need to keep your bike upright. The beauty of this bike storage idea is that it’s small enough to put virtually anywhere you have posts behind a blank wall. Make sure the wall shelf is strong enough to support the weight of your bike and hold it securely in place above the ground. This way you can easily slide it off the shelf and out the door when needed. Bonus: The surface can double as extra storage for items you need on your ride, like house keys, a water bottle, or a bike lock.

Jay Wilde

2. Line them up

For a home with multiple bikes, make the most of empty wall space with this awesome garage solution. Mount a system of sturdy horizontal rails and space the hooks specially designed to hold the bikes. Then hook them up in a row by the front tire so all you have to do is just unclip each bike as needed. This prevents them from touching the ground and scratching themselves unnecessarily. For added security, consider adding a layer of protection to the wall where the wheels bump into it, like this metal panel. Include a top shelf with bins to maximize garage storage space.

Blaine Moats

3. Bicycle storage in the entrance

If you don’t have a garage or shed to store your bike, store it right outside your front door. An organized entrance is essential for any home and, if done right, can accommodate a bike or two. Use wall hooks to get them off the floor and out of the way when entering and exiting the house. Just make sure the hooks are securely fastened to the wall studs. This bike storage idea also makes it easy to remove your set of wheels when you want to go for a ride around town.

Paul Dyer

4. Make room on a track system

Adjustable and customizable track systems are a secret weapon in the quest for ultimate garage organization. Put one to work by creating a floor-to-ceiling design with space to store all your outdoor and seasonal supplies, including sports equipment. Reserve spaces for bicycles and keep equipment, such as helmets, close at hand. The advantage of adjustable shelves is that they can easily grow with the family.

Jay Wilde

5. Park it with a stand

Understated yet brilliant, a bike stand does the trick for storing a set of wheels in a snap. Freestanding bike racks can be placed just about anywhere you have floor space and can be used to hold a single bike or several depending on size. Simply slide the bikes onto the rack like you would in any public parking lot (except you can skip the step of locking them up in the privacy of your own home).

Adam Albright

6. Storage of sports equipment

Remember the organizing rule of storing similar items together? This can also apply to categories such as sports equipment. If your family is full of sports fans or athletes, it might be a good idea to store your bikes next to bats, balls, clubs and racquets. Creating an all-in-one sports area inside the garage or shed using a rail system with hooks and baskets will be a go-to summer play destination. When the kids, or you, are done riding around the block, you can put the bikes back in place before grabbing a baseball and a mitt for some catch-up play.

David Patterson

7. Hang from the ceiling

your garage or shed completely maximized on space? Or maybe the walls aren’t conducive to hanging bike storage. A clever solution is to hang the bikes from the ceiling instead. Look for a high quality ceiling lift rack or be crafty and create your own pulley system to retrieve elevated bikes. This works best for bikes that aren’t out too often for a ride or can be used in the off season to store bikes out of the way.

Colleen Duffley

8. Create a bike station

A die principles of home organization is to stock similar items with similar items. Put that to good use by creating a complete bike storage station. Wherever and however you decide to organize bike gear, whether with a rail, rail system or shelf, be sure to include containers and hooks nearby. These should accommodate accessories such as water bottles, helmets, backpacks and cycling shoes. Now getting ready to set off on your next excursion is effortless since everything you need is close to the bikes.

Maria R. Newman