A new “world bike show” is coming to Portland next fall

(Source: Made.bike)

After a years-long dry spell, there’s a new show on the schedule that could refocus Portland as a hotbed for high-end custom bike and frame building.

Made is a new “industry and consumer bike event with a mission to bring together frame builders, media and manufacturers to elevate and inspire”. It will take place in Portland in September 2023. Echos Communications, a public relations and marketing company organizing the event, calls it a “global bike show”.

According to today’s announcement, the format of the event will be very different from the traditional booth and display vibe of other handmade bike shows. Here’s more from Billy Sinkford, Vice President of The Echos (and Portland resident):

“MADE is the next evolution of handmade events for consumers and professionals, creating an inclusive, exciting and supportive format. The event will celebrate and support frame builders and the culture around them, and our collective goal is to raise awareness for this segment of the industry. To that end, we will be offering free booth space to all builders for the inaugural year 2023.”

It’s been four years since Portland hosted a large-scale gathering of frame builders. During the decade from 2005 to 2015, our city was the epicenter of custom frame building in America. We’ve hosted big shows hosted by local and national event companies and boasted dozens of smaller independent builders. It seemed like every month there was another collaboration or exhibit to check out. But interest waned, and in 2018 the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show was canceled due to what organizers called “low levels of interest.”

Could Made mark a renaissance for builders and their fans and reinvigorate the handmade bike scene in Portland?

Open registration to be part of the event will begin in September, but the first confirmations have already arrived from: Moots, The Pro’s Closet Museum, Bicycling Magazine, Paul Component Engineering, Mosaic, Breadwinner Cycles, Bike Flights, Schon Studio, Speedvagen , Stinner, Abbey Bike Tools, Chris King, Argonaut Cycles, Breadwinner Cycles, WZRD Bikes, Retrotec, Btchn Bikes, Falconer Cycles, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Tomii Cycle, Frontier Bikes, Bender Bikes, Bike Flights, Monē Bikes and more.

Check the event website and stay tuned for more details.

Maria R. Newman