#Activate10: Local teens host car, truck and bike show for helmets

“Our community is large and extremely diverse, which is both our strength and our weakness. #Activate10 is a movement that seeks to increase communication between individuals and organizations in Fremont County and promote positive action in our communities.

(Riverton, Wyoming) – Two 15-year-olds from the area, Randy Mock, Jr. and Brendan Murfitt, host the first ever local car, truck and bike show to raise awareness of helmet wearing and raise funds to buy helmets to distribute.

The show takes place at the Sutherlands car park on Friday May 13 from 6.30pm. At 5.30pm a cruise from the Wind River Hotel & Casino to Sutherlands is scheduled.

Randy has been a helmet advocate for two years since suffering head trauma after falling off a slow mountain bike when the rider hit a rut. Since then, Randy has been raising awareness and distributing helmets to the community.

“This show is for everyone, so bring your hot rods, classics, trucks, bikes, or grandma’s groceries.”

There is a $10.00 entry fee or you can bring headphones. There will be raffle prizes.

Check out the latest updates on the events page here.

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Maria R. Newman