Alpharetta partners with group of cyclists to build off-road trail for cyclists and wheelchairs

RAMBO will develop the dirt road about three feet wide and use rocks with flat surfaces to protect the sections from water and mud, McCabe said. The works will be carried out by RAMBO at no cost to the city. The cycling organization received a $ 10,000 grant from REI Co-op to perform the work, McCabe said.

An existing trail runs near Big Creek between the North Point Community Church and Alpharetta Rock Mill Park.

“People who use these (trails) are looking for a dirt driving experience,” he said. “… (For) adapted cyclists, this is the experience they would like to live and which is not really available to them. “

McCabe said his research found the closest adaptive dirt trail to be in North Carolina.

Alpharetta and officials from the Southern Off-Road Bike Association have reached a soon-to-be-signed memorandum of understanding formalizing the development of the local trail, said deputy city administrator James Drinkard. RAMBO is a chapter of the Southern Off-Road Bike Association.

Sections of the trail include properties owned by Alpharetta, Fulton County, and the North Point Community Church. McCabe said he hopes to get permission from the county and the church to develop their sections of the trail by the end of October and officially open the trail in March.

RAMBO has also developed dirt roads at Big Creek Park in Roswell, Mount Adams Park in Alpharetta, and Charleston Park in Cumming, McCabe said.

Maria R. Newman