Baltimore group hopes to build permanent motocross park

BALTIMORE — A community group in Baltimore plans to build a permanent city park of dirt bikes in hopes of getting young riders to ride safely.

The B-360 Group will announce a fundraising campaign on Friday to raise $10 million to build what they say will be the first such park in the country.

The park would include an indoor and outdoor riding course, an educational space for young people to enroll in STEM programs and a body shop, according to a press release.

The group had recently set up a space at the B&O Railroad Museum on weekends for bikers. Mayor Brandon Scott and other city leaders are set to declare Friday “B-360 Day” and launch the #Ride4Change fundraising campaign.

Baltimore has spent years trying to solve the problem of illegal dirt bike riding and racing on city streets.

B-360, launched in 2017 after concerns about the criminalization of dirt bikes in the city, says it works “to disrupt the jail pipeline associated with dirt bike riding” and “trains young riders in the STEM programs and moves youth and young adult cyclists in Baltimore out of traffic and into programs that develop transferable skills for career and workforce development.”

B-360″ has taught over 8,000 young cyclists how to ride safely while equipping them with handy STEM stills to repair and maintain the bikes. B360 has been a major catalyst for the decrease in arrests related to dirt bikes in Baltimore (81% overall decline since 2018) and has helped nearly 50 adults stay out of jail by enrolling them in adult education and workforce development programs,” said the group said in the press release, “Baltimore is often referred to as America’s off-road biking capital, but ironically, it has enacted some of the toughest off-road biking laws in the country.”

Maria R. Newman