Bespoked 2021: Huge gallery of stunning bikes as UK handcrafted bike show celebrates 10th anniversary

the Tailored show, the UK’s premier celebration of handmade bikes and those who make them, is back for 2021. After the 2020 hiatus for obvious reasons, this year marks the 10th anniversary, with the show taking place in Harrogate rather than our native southwest. That didn’t stop us from making the trip, so here’s a bumper bike porn gallery for you!

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Today we get straight to the point and bring you the bikes, but over the weekend our man on the pitch, Richard Peace, will give us a more detailed summary of the highlights of Bespoked. We will take away a few intriguing elements, however, starting with this Vandal metallurgy “converted grunge look” bike …

Bespoked 2021 - Vandal metalworks detail.jpg

… with some plugging details on the fork.

Custom 2021 - Twmpa wood build.jpg

Bespoked always has its fair share of wood creations, and this construction of Twmpa cycles catches our attention.

Bespoked 2021 - Twmpa wood build detaik.jpg

The details are gorgeous and each is made from European Ash grown in the UK under a sustainable forestry program.

Bespoke 2021 - Reilly Titanium Road revolution.jpg

Here is the classic Titanium Road Revolution from Reilly cycleworks.

Bespoked 2021 - Reilly commemorative frame.jpg

And Reilly was also showing off this beautiful frame, designed to commemorate its founder Mark Reilley, who tragically passed away earlier this year.

Bespoked 2021 - The Restraps collaboration with Look gives off some awesome lighting effects seemingly even in daylight.jpg

Experts in bicycle luggage Webbing collaborated with See to create these special packs, which give a funky iridescent glow even in daylight. We’re told they need to be seen up close to be truly believed, but I hope you get the picture!

Bespoked 2021 - Pinner are fans of drum brakes.jpg

The less pointed drum brake makes its appearance on the Pinner Bikes Mini Bike.

Bespoked 2021 - Pinner 'mini velo' raised the down tube to accommodate a mid-drive motor.jpg

The down tube is raised if you want to install a mid-drive motor.

Bespoked 2021 - NEW Spoon CF besoke frame size.jpg

Customized regulars Customs Spoons were back with the all new Spoon CF.

Bespoked 2021 - NEW besoke Spoon CF frame size detail 1.jpg

Dripping with beauty from the likes of Campagnolo and Enve, this bike also features fully integrated cable routing.

Bespoked 2021 - NEW Cybro carbon fiber with CNC alu.jpg

Check out the nude carbon on this bespoke beauty from Cybro Industries.

Bespoked 2021 - New color palette for longtime favorite Condor Accacio.jpg

New colors on display for the classic Condor Acciaio.

Bespoked 2021 - NEW anodized tray from Chater Lea.jpg

And a brand new anodized chainring from the classic British brand of bicycle components Chater-Lea. That concludes our mini gallery highlights above, check back for our more in-depth look at the weekend.

Do you want to see all these splendid bikes for yourself? You can still buy tickets for Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October, bring them here.

All photos from Richard Peace

Maria R. Newman