Bike shop expects more commuters as gas prices rise – InForum

FARGO — If rising gas has you worried about your finances, rising temperatures may open up other options to get you where you need to go.

One option you might have is to ride a bike.

Paramount Sports on South University Drive sells hundreds of bikes. They haven’t had anyone yet to find a bike to replace their car.

But one employee said he expected it to happen soon, especially with better weather.

“It’s, you know, still on the verge of people really getting out there and starting to cycle on a more regular basis. So if gas can prices continue to be high like that, it’s probably going to be more current,” said JC Larson, a full-time employee at Paramount Sports.

Larson has already committed to it himself and said he saves a ton of money by not having to use his truck for six months out of the year.

“Doing it a few times a week really saves on how much gas you’re going to use. Contrary to what you know, every time you leave the house, you start the car, you drive maybe a mile or two to go for something really fast. You can eliminate that with a bike, Larson said.

He added that if someone is planning to ride a bike, they should make sure to plan a route, wear a helmet and ride defensively, and anyone with questions about getting around can call their store.

Maria R. Newman