Business Beat: Natural “Evolution” of a Retail Store for a Kayak Tour Company

Evolution Expeditions has found a new home in Boulder City.

The kayaking and hiking company recently opened a retail store at 1603 Boulder City Parkway. The store offers outdoor recreation essentials such as sunscreen, waterproof phone cases and hats.

It also serves as a last-minute stop for company tour participants before they head to Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Opening a retail operation with a lounge for customers of its kayaking and hiking tours was a natural evolution, owner Chris Cheney said.

“I thought it would be great for exposure (to the business) and also be a place to take our guests after picking them up from the strip so they can use the restrooms and pick up last minute items before checking them out. take it to Willow Beach (Arizona) and the river (Colorado), he said.

The new location complements its Boulder City warehouse where it stores equipment.

He said he knew the site would be perfect for them when he saw it become available recently.

Evolution Expeditions has been in business since 2006 and was purchased by Cheney and his family in 2019.

According to Cheney, the original owner thought his family would take over the business because it was one of the founding Colorado River kayak tour companies, but they had different career goals.

He said their timing was fortuitous. The purchase was finalized a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and outdoor recreation was one of the areas where business “really took off”.

Cheney said his passion for kayaking grew alongside his business, where his wife is an administrative officer and his son works as a manager and coach.

Neither had a passion for kayaking before buying the business, which they said would be “exciting” for their family as they enjoyed other outdoor activities.

“We have such a treasure here,” he said, noting that “Boulder City is on the map” as a world-class destination for outdoor adventures.

Cheney said the nickname “Boulder City Adventure Co.” on the large front panel gives them the opportunity to expand their offer beyond kayaking and hiking. He said they were also considering paddle sports and bike tours.

He said he would like to help make outdoor activities part of the community’s identity.

“We see so many opportunities in Boulder City as an adventure destination. It’s really my vision and one of my missions to be in Boulder City.

The Title company takes root in the city

When it comes to helping Boulder City residents with their title needs, the staff at Security 1st Title is ready.

The company, which opened a Boulder City location at 517 Hotel Plaza in January 2021, provides assistance with real estate closings, refinances, foreclosures, short sales and title insurance.

Security 1st works with five major underwriters for title insurance, enabling it to find the best product at the best price for its clients, said Jeff Harris, president of the company’s Nevada division.

He said it was important to him that his staff members live in Boulder City.

“They know the people… They spend their money there and do banking there. It’s a great place,” he said.

Harris said he also works diligently to instill a corporate culture based on integrity.

“We do the right thing, no matter what.”

Although a good majority of the company’s business focuses on residential transactions, Harris said it also helps builders and commercial businesses. He said keeping their business diversified allows them to work at a steady pace when the market fluctuates.

Additionally, they offer Security 1st Exchange, which specializes in 1031 exchanges that defer capital gains taxes when selling and buying property. This department is headed by Carmine Difulvio, who has over 20 years of experience.

“We’re lucky to have him,” Harris said.

Harris, owner of the building, said it was the third title company he had operated there.

“I have a lot of pride to still be in Boulder City,” he said, adding “we renovated the office – everything is brand new.”

It may be a new look, but it’s firmly rooted in the past and dedicated to the community and its history. Photos from Boulder City’s past are featured throughout the office.

Papillon Receives FAA Safety Awards

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, which operates out of Boulder City Municipal Airport, recently received two Diamond Awards from the Federal Aviation Administration for excellence in safety and maintenance.

Papillon received the awards for its Part 135 air carrier operation and Part 145 certified maintenance and repair station.

The awards, established in 1991, are the highest honor in the aircraft maintenance industry. To qualify, all eligible service technicians in an organization must complete specialized continuing education for a period of 12 months.

In addition to back-to-back Diamond Awards, Papillon has earned the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations Stage Three designation, which recognizes best safety practices and the company achieving the highest level of compliance with International Business Aviation standards. Council.

The designation follows a multi-year audit of its safety practices, reporting, dedication to continuous improvement and safety-focused corporate culture. Of more than 6,000 eligible companies worldwide, only 280 have earned the designation.

“At Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, the safety of our customers is and remains our number one priority,” said Brenda Halvorson, CEO of the company. “Our commitment to safety is reflected in the awards and certifications Papillon continues to receive and illustrates the continued dedication of our world-class operations team.”

In January, Halvorson received the Elling Halvorson Vertical Flight Hall of Fame Award, named after his late father and founder of Papillon. The award was presented by the Living Legends of Aviation, a group of aviation professionals who have made outstanding achievements. She was also inducted into the group.

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