Charlottetown and a group of cyclists agree on a roundabout

A new roundabout at the Vogue Optical corner of Charlottetown, at the east end of Belvedere Avenue, will have a bike lane.

Last week, the group Bike Friendly Communities went public with their concerns about the roundabout’s original design, saying its lack of an active transport route made it unsafe.

In a meeting between the group and city staff this week, they reached agreement on a modified design.

“Everyone came to the table with the same ideas,” said Bike Friendly Communities volunteer Isaac Williams.

“When we were presented with the option of the public works department, it was basically what we had drawn ourselves.”

The city is working with limited space to redesign the intersection, where five streets meet.

Due to these limitations, the cycle path, which will also be used by pedestrians, will only be 1.5 meters wide. Because it is so narrow, traffic will have to be one-way, with everyone moving counter-clockwise, in the same direction as vehicle traffic.

The safety and success of the active transportation lane will depend on people using it correctly and not riding the wrong way, Williams said.

Mayor Philip Brown thanked city staff and Bike Friendly Communities for working quickly to find a solution.

Work on the project is expected to start in mid-July.

Maria R. Newman