Denver’s beloved cafe-bar-bike combo store is closing at the end of the month

the Denver Bike Cafe and his neighbor Tandem Barwhich have been serving coffee, bike repairs and beer together for eight years on 17th Avenue, will close at the end of the month, according to a note posted to the cafe’s website.

The memo says the combined cafe, bar and bike shop are closing because construction disruptions in the neighborhood as well as a restrictive lease made it impossible to “make ends meet and keep the bike shop going.” and coffee”.

BusinessDen reported earlier Monday than Jessica Caouettea cafe co-founder who now owns Tandem Bar, said the cafe (which includes the bike shop) and bar will stay open until October before hosting a combined farewell party on November 1. The Denver Bicycle Cafe is located at 1308 E. 17th Avenue with Tandem Bar next door.

Caouette also said businesses now pay about $1,000 more per month for their shared space (they share a lease) than they did a year ago because the assessed value of the property has increased and the space lease makes them responsible for paying all associated expenses. with space, BusinessDen reported.

Caouette also told the business news website that construction of the Park 17 Business West’s apartment complex has presented a challenge because construction work has blocked sidewalks and traffic lanes while construction workers routinely occupy much of the nearby parking lot.

BusinessDen also reported that Caouette said her landlord plans to raise rent when the lease expires and that she and the owner of the Denver Bike Cafe Peter Roper couldn’t afford the cost of building new space elsewhere.

Caouette and Roper founded the Denver Bicycle Cafe and DBC Beer Hall (now Tandem Bar) in 2011 and ran them together before deciding last year to share ownership of the business, with Roper taking over the cafe and store from bicycles and Caouette the bar.

1308 E. 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80210

Maria R. Newman