Education Partnership and Educate Midland unite

Education is the basis for growth and success. Every child deserves the best education available, regardless of region and socio-economic status. This was the premise behind the creation of two separate education-focused organizations, established years ago by community members from Midland and Odessa.

Educate Midland was organized in 2015, with the sole purpose of supporting and improving the offerings of the Midland Independent School District. A year later, community leaders in Odessa organized the Permian Basin Education Partnership, aimed at improving the overall education offer in the region, with public, private, chartered and public education systems. Superior of Odessa as the main area of ​​intervention. The two organizations aim for the overall improvement of education, but with different areas of focus.

Over the years and working in partnership on various projects, it has become evident to the leaders of the organizations, as is the case with many things in the Midland-Odessa region, we are “better together”. On Tuesday, an event will take place at the Region18 Educational Services Center, near Midland International Airport. At that time, the boards of directors of Educate Midland and the Permian Basin Education Partnership will officially announce the unification of the two organizations. These leaders will embrace this regional approach by having representation from the leaders of Midland, Odessa and the region’s communities which will soon be added to truly encompass regional outreach. The group has embraced the Partnership for Education’s ongoing mission of creating a community where children love to learn, teachers love to teach, and people love to live, while striving to be the top performing education region in the world. State of Texas. With this goal in mind, the Unified Group is convinced that these goals can only be achieved with the two largest communities in our region working together to lead this important charge.

“When our organization was formed over five years ago, we aspired to make it a regional effort. Now is the time to partner with our like-minded neighbors to take this next step and focus on all students in our region, ”said Lorraine Perryman, Chair of the Education Partnership Board of Directors. The other board members are Collin Sewell, Pat Canty and Renee ‘Earls.

Educate Midland Board Chair Karmen Hendrix Bryant echoes Perryman’s thoughts as she led his organization through this six-month phase of research and deliberation.

“We are excited to align ourselves and bring a true regional approach to collective impact in the Permian Basin,” said Hendrix Bryant. The other members of the Educate Midland Executive Committee are Laurie Boldrick, Christine Foreman and Brian Stubbs.

This united entity will help improve educational outcomes in our region, from cradle to career. Based on this new setup, Adrian Vega will continue to serve as EPPB’s Executive Director, with the addition of Mike Mills and Becca Myers, of Educate Midland, as team members. Staff from the organizations have already worked together on several projects, including the POWER bags for the benefit of newborns in both communities, as well as the Grow Our Own Network program, which emphasizes strengthening educational pathways and experiences. for students parallel to the labor market. needs of our businesses in the Permian Basin.

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