Fall Festival wraps up its second night of events

EVANSVILLE, Indiana (WFIE) – The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival wrapped up its second night of events on Tuesday with the second night of the Amateur Hour and Queen Contest.

At the intersection of Twelfth and Franklin, things look a little different than they normally are. The stage was set and the crowds were gathered for the second night of amateur hour.

It was a night full of songs, dances and even guitar. Everything to find the most talented kids in the three states. You had to audition to perform at the festival, and there are competitions every night, until the last talent night on Friday night, where each of the winners from the night before will perform.

With the winners determined, impatience filled the air as the crowd prepared to see the crowning of their new royalty.

It was the competition of queens. Each candidate queen and her escort were eighth grade students, selected by vote by their peers. A couple, each from eight neighboring colleges.

The Nut Club website says the judges rated the contestants based on their poise, personality, appearance and overall demeanor.

After brief deliberation, they decided that our new monarch would be Adalyn Wilkinson of St. Joe, escorted by Brady Kassenbrook.

To see the rest of the Fall Festival schedule, click on here.

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