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Staff Photo / Andy Gray Jim Iacozili, left, one of the organizers of the 22nd National Packard Museum Motorcycle Show, and Bruce Williams, who has participated in the Motorcycle Show since its inception, talk about the Buell RR1000 from 1987, the motorcycle featured for this year’s show.

WARREN – The National Packard Museum is taking an Everybody’s Approach for its 22nd annual motorcycle exhibit.

There are still old motorcycles – five of the vehicles on display this year are over 100 years old – but the museum has given up “antique” named after the show, and the more than 30 machines on display will also include a 2021 Harley Davidson XG.

Instead of building the exhibit around a particular theme, the show features bikes representing six categories: veteran, sport, road / off-road, racing, military, and scooters.

“This is the first year that we have moved away from a theme”, Jim Iacozili, one of the show’s organizers, said. “We’re doing more of what the Barber Motorcycle Museum (in Alabama) does. This way we can get a greater variety of motorcycles, something for all age groups.

One thing they are doing this year that they plan to continue in the future is to present a “marquee” bike, something unique and with a bit of history behind it.

This bike is a 1987 Buell RR1000 BattleTwin, created by Eric Buell.

“Eric Buell is originally from Gibsonia, Pa., And went to the University of Pittsburgh,” said Iacozili. “He raced at Nelson Ledges and on local motorcycle tracks. “

Only 50 of the sports motorcycles were made, and Hemmings Motor News called the creation of Buell “Appallingly close to perfection” with a lightweight design and ” on the spot “ aerodynamic. The Buell RR1000 BattleTwin which will be on display at the Packard Museum is on loan from New Castle Harley-Davidson and has only 3 miles on the clock.

Another rare motorcycle in the living room is a 1960 Vellocette Thruxton.

“I think 200 were made, and this is only the second I’ve seen in my life”, said Bruce Williams, who has participated in the Packard Motorcycle Show since its inception.

This year’s exhibit will be accompanied by art by Guy Shively, an artist from Austintown who also does stripes and gold leaf lettering on the vehicles.

“He is a longtime friend of the museum, a member, and has produced a number of auto and motorcycle show logos.” said the museum’s executive director, Mary Ann Porinchak. “He painted stuff for us that we sold and auctioned and made prints that we sell in our store.”

A painting that Shively made of motorcycle parts, which is in the permanent collection of the Butler Institute of American Art, was on loan to the museum for last year’s motorcycle show. This year, more than 15 pieces by Shively will be on display alongside the motorcycles.

Some of this year’s bikes are owned by collectors such as Williams, who have participated in them for years, but Iacozili said the show continues to attract new owners.

“The Packard motorcycle show is very well known in the United States”, said Iacozili. “We get a lot of requests from people who have stuff and have offered to put it on.”

The National Packard Museum has a form on its website ( that motorcycle owners can fill out if they want their bikes to be considered for a future exhibit.

Imitation is not only the most sincere sign of flattery; it is also the surest index of success. And both Iacozili and Williams have said they’ve noticed that many other auto museums have added motorcycle exhibits to their lineup since the National Packard Museum first did so in 2001.

It’s easy to see why. The motorcycle exhibit brings people to and around the museum in what was traditionally its slowest time of year.

Iacozili, who owns the Motozilli motorsport store on the road to the Champion Museum, said: “Every Saturday in January and February, people from out of town come into the store and look around, waiting for the museum to open. And a lot of them go to lunch and other places while they’re here.

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Broken bike shop, slipped wallets: Downers Grove Blotter Thu, 23 Dec 2021 23:19:16 +0000

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – A bicycle shop has been broken into, wallets stolen from purses and other crimes have been reported on the Downers Grove police blotter for mid-December.

Burgled Trek Bike Shop

Police said CCTV shows two people breaking into the Trek bike store at 639 Ogden Ave. December 14. The store manager told police that a window on the south side of the bike shop was smashed, which triggered an alarm at around 5:18 a.m. a m

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Two Trek bikes, valued at $ 2,000 each, were reported stolen.

Wallet stolen from the stock exchange at Ross Dress for Less

Find out what’s happening in Downers grove with free real-time Patch updates.

A woman told police her wallet was stolen from her purse while shopping at Ross Dress for Less, 1316 Butterfield Rd. On December 18. She said the purse was on the stroller she was pushing.

The following items have been reported stolen:

  • $ 20,000 cashier’s check
  • $ 830 in cash
  • Credit card
  • Identity cards
  • Prescription drug

Wallet stolen from a purse at the Universal Spa Training Academy

Police said a woman reported that her wallet was stolen from her purse while at the Universal Spa Training Academy, 340 Burlington Ave., on December 10.

She reported that $ 180 in cash was missing.

Anyone with information on these incidents is encouraged to contact Downers Grove Police at 630-434-5600.

To request that your name be removed from an arrest report, submit these required elements at

The response rules:

  • Be respectful. It is a space for friendly local exchanges. No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated.
  • Be transparent. Use your real name and save your claims.
  • Keep it local and relevant. Make sure your answers stay on topic.
  • Review the Community patch guidelines.

]]> Shock caused by the murder of a Clarendon mechanic at a bicycle exhibition | Stories of lead Mon, 20 Dec 2021 05:09:56 +0000

An employer of murdered mechanic Marlon ‘Irons’ Salmon said the news that his mentor had been shot was a gruesome reminder of an incident in which Salmon was shot in his Denbigh Crescent workshop in Clarendon last year.

Recalling the 2020 incident, Cloyous Lewin said he screamed because he feared Salmon, who was hospitalized, may not have survived the attack. He believed then that God had played a role in keeping Salmon alive.

But that fortune was missing on Saturday night when he was shot dead during an illegal bicycle display at Wood Hall in the parish.

“Last night I’m going up, I’m going to watch the man lay on the ground on the bike,” Lewin said.

According to May Pen Police reports, at around 8:15 p.m. Salmon was standing along the roadway when he was shot at point blank range.

Lewin said The gleaner that Salmon was like a father to him, taking Lewin under his wing after leaving high school.

“Him more than good …. A father of everyone. Yuh nuh thinks’ bout hungry yah so. To him make me know the bike. I make noise while cycling to a bike show him. I see the man all lef ‘Mobay with his motor in a box and come and say’ You know I see a young man and stop him and ask him ‘about his bike and tell him about Clarendon , May Pen and Irons’. .. the man left Mobay, ”Lewin pointed out.

He also praised Salmon for always encouraging him to seize new work opportunities.

Bikers who gathered at the Salmon store on Sunday described him as a decent man who was enthusiastic about imparting knowledge and skills to the youth of Clarendon.

“A whole lot of youth him [teach] trade, you know. When you come around so much yah, around so full yah a bwoy, and all are a learning craft, ”said one biker, who asked that his name not be released.

Best bike man

Hours after Salmon was shot, an elderly man was seen walking to the store Salmon operated on Denbigh Crescent.

Not knowing that Salmon had encountered his tragic disappearance on Saturday night, he told the news team, “I’m here to watch fi Irons fi sort dah horn yah pan dah bike yah. It doesn’t work well.

He was devastated by the news of Irons’ death, calling him “the best cyclist in the place” who was willing to offer the courtesy of late payment for services rendered.

Clarendon bikers say the deceased mechanic was revered as the promoter of one of the parish’s largest bike shows.

A resident who requested anonymity said he was shocked to learn of Salmon’s murder.

“He’s a very popular man…. All of Jamaica knows irons. He’s a good kid for me. He fixes everyone by bike in the community, ”he said.

The incident is one of many shootings across the country amid a government-imposed ban on entertainment events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Six people, including a 12-year-old boy, were shot dead at an illegal party in Manchester on Friday evening.

A 24-year-old man was also killed at an illegal bicycle show in Kingston last month.

Thieves hit city center bicycle shop again Thu, 16 Dec 2021 00:28:45 +0000

The bicycle shop – now with both front doors closed.

For the second time in ten days, the Wheel & Sprocket bicycle store was hit by burglars in the middle of the night who stole expensive bikes.

The store manager believes the bad guys in Heist Number Two were the same ones who smashed a glass door and took even more expensive bikes in Heist Number One.

“100% the same two guys,” says general manager Gretchen Brauer. “Same clothes, same size, same break the window and take the bikes” in the Davis Street store.

The first burglary took place on December 4, around 3:30 a.m. Three bikes, valued at nearly $ 15,000, were stolen. The store then covered the broken glass of the door with a board.

The last burglary took place on December 13, around 4 a.m. The burglars smashed the other intact glass door and fled with two bicycles valued at $ 1,500.

Surveillance video, Brauer says, shows the two thieves “flying” over the stolen goods.

She also says these are “made-to-order” heists, and not just teenagers looking for a bike ride in the wee hours of the morning.

Wheel & Sprocket now has two boarded up front doors. They were painted black so as not to look as unsightly as regular brown wood.

The store is also considering enhanced security.

Millthorpe’s first bicycle show considered a success | Blayney Chronicle Tue, 14 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000

It was an exhibition to whet the appetite of any car enthusiast.

Indian, Vincent, Ducati, Douglas, Howard, Royal Enfield, Peerless, the ubiquitous Harley Davidson and an array of Kawasakis, Moto Guzzi and even a Posties bike were all on display at the inaugural Millthorpe Bike Show.

Co-host Nigel Irvine said the relaxed nature of the event meant he was not sure exactly how many bikes were on display, but he believes there were over 100.

“Some were saying there were 200 or even 400, but I don’t think it’s that high,” he said.

Whatever the number, it was the variety presented and the origin of the people that Mr. Irvine liked.

“There was a really good variety of bikes and probably as good as you would see at any big, professionally organized bike show,” he said.

“There were bikes from before WWI, a good selection of bikes from the 1940s to the 1960s and also some really exotic bikes.”

Among the lineup of bikes on display, there were two that Mr. Irvine liked the most.

“There was a Black Shadow from Bathurst and an Egli Vincent from Sydney and they stood out. The Rolls Royces of the motorcycle world.”

Not all the bikes came from far either, some locals surprised Mr Irvine when they arrived at the station with some interesting bikes.

“One was from Vittoria Road with a 1916 Harley Davidson sidecar and another was a pre-WWI Peerless,” he said. “There was also another room with a Norton rotary engine and they only made it a few years before the fold.”

As with anything vintage, not everything goes as planned and even Mr. Irvine has had issues with one of his own bikes.

“I had my Kawasaki Triple over there and although it looked like it would go 100 miles an hour, I had to push it there using Nigel power.”

Regarding a repeat of the bike show next year, Mr. Irvine is putting that idea to rest.

“We will have to see. We will have to meet with the village committee and organize something formal.”

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Christmas Auto and Bike Show | Beach cruise Sat, 11 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000

The 13th Annual Cruise At The Beach Car & Bike Show is on!

And it’s happening in one of the coolest places in Southern California – Redondo Beach Marina. Because there aren’t just awesome wheels to check out everywhere. But you also have incredible panoramic views in all directions.

In addition, it is a real spectacle. For example, the Top 25 will leave with equipment (trophies of course). Plus, live music will rock the event.

Old Saint Nick will have their own booth with a 50/50 raffle on the program.

Finally, do not forget to bring an unpacked one because the whole is also a toy in the car!

Christmas Car and Bike Show – 13th Annual Beach Cruise

Dated: Saturday 11 December 2021
Site: Redondo Beach Marina, 245 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 92.77
Admission: Free – toys / charity donations encouraged
Vehicle registration: HERE
Show start: 12h
Show end: 6 p.m.

*Please note: iDriveSoCal is not hosting this event. So if you want to know more about the event, please contact organizers of the 13th Annual Cruise At The Beach Car and Bike Show. And that includes more specific details on how to participate, display your vehicle, and whether to become a seller or sponsor.

And to find out more about the best auto events in Southern California, click HERE.

Do you think we should publish an event? Contact us HERE.

]]> The Millthorpe Bike Show to present vintage motorcycles. | Daily Central West Tue, 30 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

news, local news,

On Saturday 11 December, the quiet streets of Millthorpe will vibrate to the throaty sounds of motorcycles as lovers of all things vintage converge for the inaugural Millthorpe Bike Show. Organized to celebrate the love of the art of motorcycles, one collector is eager to show off his pride and joy. Like all collectors, Chris Moloney has had fleeting adventures with bikes all over the world, but his overwhelming love is for an old Italian brand that has left its first love, a British BSA B50, recorded in the history books. “I always had English bikes, but I always fixed them,” he said. “My BSA would break my heart every week,” he said. “In the ’70s I would go for a walk every week and as soon as I turned to come home it would break down.” “Then I would have to get him home somehow where he would sulk in the shed for a few weeks while I tinkered with him before he miraculously started over and the whole process would repeat itself.” “I was frustrated because when everyone was out I was in the garage fixing it.” It was during this period of constant repairs that Mr. Moloney discovered the Laverda line of high performance Italian motorcycles and his love story for Italian style and engineering began. “They just have that magic,” he said, “They’re sultry.” Designed by two brothers and an engineer from a family that designed tractors, Mr. Moloney’s Laverda motorcycle is a rude but refined motorcycle whose engine note has a reassuring confidence. “As manufacturers of agricultural machinery, they had this design genius and a mindset where it shouldn’t break down,” he said. Like all collectors, once you own something, disease, as Mr. Moloney describes it, sets in. “It’s like porcelain or anything really where you see its intrinsic beauty and the aspiration of designers doing something without a committee of designers,” he said. “It’s just three people working together. to share an idea and raise it as high as possible. ”Mr. Moloney rides his Laverda whenever the opportunity arises and explains the allure of hopping on his cafe racer and giving it a spin.” When you do. Ride a motorcycle, it’s all about balance, “he said.” This is the only time in your life when you are balanced and there is a lot going on to get you off balance. “” It’s a whole body experience where your butt talks to you, your back and legs talk to you. It’s all about synchronicity on an intuitive level. ”The Millthorpe Bike Show will be held at Station Square outside Millthorpe Station from 9am to 2pm on Saturday, December 11. All bikes and cyclists are welcome. NOTICE: Send us your thoughts with a letter to the editor:


A group of fast growing blood bikes in Devon sets big plans for the future Mon, 29 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

The new, fast growing South West Blood Bikes (SWBB) charity has revealed that it aims to be able to provide its free service to all parts of Devon.

Last week it was announced that the Plymouth-based charity had taken over a hospital contract with the North Devon District Hospital after expanding in the area.

It is now also present in Torbay and hopes to be able to serve Exeter and East Devon in the near future as well, provided it can raise funds to expand its fleet.

Read more: Families angry over ‘insane’ prices for Killerton Christmas Trail

His overall ambition is to provide a service all over Devon, but at the moment his commitment remains only to take over the work that he can guarantee to perform.

SWBB’s mission is to provide the NHS and medical facilities with free after-hours emergency messaging service using their motorcycles and cars.

The association is run entirely by volunteers and no one is paid for the work they do.

South West Blood Bikes Volunteers

Last year he became the official member of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes for Devon. Each county has a group that holds the position.

SWBB Chairman Mark Bentley said: “The name Blood Bikes is a misnomer. or whatever is urgently needed to improve patient outcomes or save their life.

“Anything that needs to be moved urgently by the NHS we will do by bike, car or van.

What is going on with you? Find out by adding your postal code or visit InYourZone here

“During the pandemic, we helped move Covid samples and issue pharmacy prescriptions to people who were protecting or could not retrieve their medication. We are also working for St Luke’s Hospice.

“We grew up very quickly, actually a lot more than we would like. We had planned to grow at a fixed rate, but this has accelerated quickly due to the number of requests we receive from outside of those we already serve.

“We’re only scratching the surface of the work available to us. What holds us back is funding. We don’t get any government funding; it’s all done through fundraising.

“We have a very clear commitment not to accept work for a service user unless we are 100% sure that we have the people and resources in place to do so. In this line of work, you can’t let people down, and a patient could die if you did. “

South West Blood Bike chairman Mark Bentley, left, when he took over from charity founder Michael Freeman
South West Blood Bike chairman Mark Bentley, left, when he took over from charity founder Michael Freeman

The charity was founded in 2018 by Plymouth businessman Michael Freeman, along with two friends, all of whom were blood bikers.

Due to professional commitments, Michael has since had to step down from the management of the association, but remains one of its directors and an active runner.

The charity started operating with its first contracts in May 2019 and currently performs around 30 jobs per week. Its coverage expanded to Torbay in early 2020, and it has also been operating in North Devon for two months.

SWWB is operational Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., and 24 hours a day on weekends, and is available 24 hours a day on public holidays.

He currently owns a fleet of six bikes, two cars and a van, the latter having recently been donated by another group of blood bikes in London.

The association has 31 volunteers, most of them bikers, and has a waiting list of bikers willing to offer their services when its fleet grows.

Bikers come from all walks of life, from farmers to Ministry of Defense workers, and are all Institute of Advanced Motorist or ROSPA Advanced bikers.

He is currently looking to recruit controllers who work from home and send runners to work and follow them for their safety.

Southwestern Blood Bikes

President Mark, an avid rider who also works full time in a health role, was the first rider to be hired as a volunteer for SWBB.

He said: “It combines my two loves of going out and riding a motorcycle and doing something good for the community. It is definitely more enjoyable in the summer than in the winter.

“You get a real sense of satisfaction to come out and help the NHS which is close to my heart.

“What we are not is a routine courier operation because the NHS has contractors who do it. But since they only work a few hours a day, we step in to provide an after-hours service. evenings and weekends. “

“Our main job is at night. We have two cyclists on duty in Plymouth and two in North Devon. One evening last week we had two bikes until 3am and they rode about 600 miles. between them.

“We aspire to have new bikes next year, but we need to have the funds to do it. A new bike with all the extra accessories it needs costs around £ 11,000.”

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Not only did the charity become busier during the Covid pandemic, but at the same time, it received a drop in its donations due to long periods of inability to organize charity events or collections.

Now that many people no longer carry cash with them, this has had a huge impact on their bucket collections as well.

This weekend, one of his riders, Mark Anstis, is embarking on a Blisters 4 Blood Bike fundraiser, a charity walk that will allow him to retrace on foot the route of the association’s Blood Bikes, which provided of services in Plymouth on November 18. The total distance is 22 miles which he will complete on Saturday November 27th.

To donate to fundraising please click here.

For more information on SWBB, visit and donate to the association please click here.

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]]> Showcars ​​Melbourne Father’s Day Car & Bike Show 2021 Mon, 22 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

ohOne of the very many hot car events that fell victim to COVID-19 restrictions this year was the Showcars ​​Melbourne Father’s Day Car & Bike Show. Nonetheless, promoter Elvis Barbieri was able to secure an alternate date and the show went off without a hitch yesterday in the Melbourne seaside suburb of St Kilda.

The iconic Acland Street shopping street has been closed to traffic and trams for the day, with hundreds of hot streeters filling the streets, parking lots and grassy areas in the shade of Luna Park.

With live bands, DJs, kids’ activities, and the general public in the mix, the vibe was on the next level! Here are 10 cars that caught our attention.


Professional street legend Mick McGrath rocked in this super-sano HQ GTS sedan, featuring a heavy-duty aspirated LS under the hood.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1317


Robbie Adamo’s Mitsubishi Scorpion is a runner in the middle of the nine seconds thanks to a LS combo blown by Magnuson.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1341


Vince Padanis’ LJ Torana was featured in the September 2012 magazine, with a turbocharged red 179 engine under the hood, but it recently replaced the six-pot with an LS horsepower.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1498


Greg Angus’ big block ’57 Chev and the Supercharged Outlaws Monaro both marked a killer power park at the top of Acland Street. The Monaro packs a small block of blown 8/71 376ci and runs in seven during the quarter.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1470


We’re big fans of the VN SS Commodores in Atlas Gray, but the example of Todd Blazely is on the next level! The mods include an LSA conversion and big brakes, and the car has been attached to the rails to accommodate the Momo Star rims.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1263


It’s always a pleasure to see Mat Budaj’s XY Falcon in the flesh. The car has a stack of subtle tricks, including removed quarter-vent windows, shaved bumpers, and custom badges.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1300


Justin Gauci’s KINGXR contains a Windsor 347ci blocked by Dart, assisted by a single GTX45 Garrett huffer.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1370


There was a pile of tough guys Street machine showcase cars on display, including Huss Ayache’s 1,000-horsepower BT1 VL and Brandon Zito’s small-block twin-turbo LC. Brandon’s Torry joined the seven-second club at the 2019 Drag Challenge.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1454


Zac Weiss’ RB30 powered LC is a rugged old school Melbourne tram that looks as crisp as ever and will return to Heathcote soon.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1355


Anthony’s LC GTR Torana replica is a great P-plate ride, featuring a 240ci Holden six, topped with a J-Zed head and running triple throttle shifts with Fueltech ECUs.

Street Machine Events Showcars ​​Melbourne 2021 4 CT 1411


We didn’t manage to catch up with the owner of this HQ Monaro, but he got a lot of attention. Mods include a late model interior, ghost GTS stripes, and a blown V8 of some description!

‘Backing Our Brother Car & Bike Show’ scheduled for November 20 to benefit cancer worker Fri, 19 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

South Main Iron is hosting a car and bike show from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, November 20 to benefit Officer Kyle Martin who is currently battling cancer.

During the “Support our brother’s car and bicycle show” at South Main Iron, 255 SW 1st Street, there will be cars, bikes, live music by Street 82 and Monty Tipps & Mainstreet. There will also be rewards barbecue by The Do Right Boyz, silent auction, special raffle and more. The barbecue plates cost $ 10 each.

Anyone who wishes register a car or motorbike for the show, click here or at the South Main Iron on the day of the event between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Registration is $ 25.

“Please join us as we come together to support our friend, Officer Kyle Martin, in his battle with cancer! We would like to thank South Main Iron, as well as Rue 82 and Monty Tipps & Mainstreet, and The Do Right Boyz for joining us for this special event! Lamar County Adopt A Cop President Amanda Willows said.

All proceeds from the “Backing Our Brother Car & Bike Show” will be donated to Kyle Martin.

The deadline to order a “Hold the Line Officer Martin” t-shirt is Sunday, November 28th. All proceeds from t-shirt orders go directly to Kyle Martin. Click on here to order a t-shirt.

To donate or sponsor the event, contact Stacey Berry at 903-249-0221,; Joey McCarthy at 903-715-8520,; or Amanda Willows at 903-905-1229,

Like and follow to Facebook, and share this story – Refer to local news in Paris and Lamar County, Texas.