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For decades, local and state leaders in Indiana have rightly devoted considerable energy to debates and discussions about education, higher education, and workforce preparation. It makes a lot of sense. After all, if we are to attract and retain talent, compete for domestic and foreign investment, and ensure that communities in Indiana can thrive in increasingly competitive and complex economies, education must be our priority.

Put simply, the resources that support our students, teachers and schools change lives and transform communities.

That’s why, at Pacers Sports & Entertainment, we are so proud and grateful to the General Assembly and Governor Holcomb for their truly bipartisan efforts during the 2021 legislative session to make record investments in education.

These investments have the potential to be a game-changer for Indiana and include $ 1.9 billion in additional funding over the biennium, a 4.5% increase each year and $ 600 million in new dedicated strictly to increasing teachers’ salaries.

Lawmakers have put aside political differences to make education a priority, and this collaborative work demonstrates Indiana’s commitment to our students and will make it easier for school districts across the state to recruit and retain. the best teachers our children deserve.

Additionally, Indiana is already the best in the Midwest and 4th in the country in the amount of financial aid provided to low-income students to attend college, a demonstration of our state’s commitment to support families who need it most. Investments by lawmakers from both political parties over the past five years to fund powerful 21st century scholarship programs and top-level jobs have resulted in generational change for thousands of Hoosier families and helped bring together Indiana’s school success rate of the 2025 goal of 60%.

For companies like PS&E, which rely on a strong, educated workforce and resilient neighborhoods, these resources are essential. Closing the gaps in educational attainment is the first pillar of our own social justice agenda, because we know that education has the power to be an unparalleled equalizer. This forward-thinking approach will certainly help get the ball rolling for those kids most at risk of falling further behind.

Thank you to the entire General Assembly and Governor Holcomb for their continued commitment to building a Hoosier workforce that is among the best prepared in the country!

Rick fuson

President and Chief Operating Officer, Pacers Sports & Entertainment

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