Kevin Bacon Returns to His Horror Genre Roots in Upcoming Remake of “Toxic Avenger” –

Actor Kevin Bacon has long held an affectionate toe in the genre of horror films – and with good reason: one of the first films on this industry stalwarts impressive resume – which includes such classic films as JFK, A Few Good Men, Diner, Footloose, Mystic River and (my personal fave, yet hardly a classic) White Water Summer – was the original Friday the 13th. The talented thespian did the occasional horror film in the years after that first foray into Camp Blood: Stir of Echoes, Flatliners and Tremors come immediately to mind. But the majority of his impressive film work has come from the decidedly non-horror environs of A-List studio pictures which is why this horror film aficionado was tickled all kinds of red (for corn syrup, natch) with the news from our muchachos over at The Hollywood Reporter that Bacon is set to jump back into the world of horror –with a little smidge of cheese – in Legendary’s upcoming remake of The Toxic Avenger.

The original Toxic Avenger came barreling at fans back in the golden days of 1986 courtesy of the fine folks at Troma Entertainment and was about a 98-pound weakling straight out of a Charles Atlas cautionary beach ad who winds up doing a mean jitterbug in a vat of toxic waste. Rather than laying the poor sap low, he instead emerges as a sort of reimagined Frankenstein Monster; a real champion for the common man, if you will. The original flick proved popular enough to inspire a whole host of sequels, comics and cartoons. And now, courtesy of aforementioned Legendary, a reimagined Toxic Avenger is about to make his – you’ll pardon the expression – splash.

 With consummate actor Peter Dinklage already signed on for the new Toxic Avenger film, even more star-wattage was added to the proceedings in the form of Mr. Kevin Bacon, who will be essaying the role of the movie’s bad guy. Bad guys are nothing new to Bacon’s repertoire, having played baddies in other films such as The River Wild and X-Men: First Class.

 The news of the casting of Bacon in the Toxic Avenger remake comes on the heels of the actor also expressing a real desire to revisit a horror spoof that has a similar cult cache that Avenger has – Tremors. A Tremors revisit would be primo, but whilst awaiting that particular bit of nirvana, this horror-cheese hound can readily content himself with a new look at a beloved horror movie icon – The Toxic Avenger!

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