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BRISTOL, Tennessee (WJHL) – Event planners are using the extra night incentive to attract more people to events. Why wait for Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Thursday is the new weekend kickstarter.

Making weekend plans has been a tradition for decades. Have you noticed how these weekend plans seem to start a day earlier? It looks like Thursday is turning into a more enticing night now.

A fun family-friendly laser driving show was one such event that started on Thursday. Event organizer Jeremy Kwaterski said it was an incredible opportunity.

“Coming here and putting on a show and bringing people, with their families and enjoying a laser show with the family, that’s great. I’m very excited and the tickets sell out really fast, so obviously other people are excited as well, ”he told News Channel 11.

Kwaterski explained that starting events on Thursday is essential for smoother operations for the coming weekend.

“Because the Friday and Saturday shows are already sold out, you know, we want to make sure we do a good show here, less attendance, we sell it at about half the normal attendance, and just make sure that we have all of our bugs have been fixed, but it’s also a great introduction, allows us to have more publicity there, ”he added.

Andrew Profaci, owner of Andrew Ryan Marketing, said hosting events on Thursday is a smart business decision, especially in the post-COVID era.

“After COVID, I think businesses have suffered and they need to be smart about the way they do things. And I think that’s another great reason to start a little earlier than Friday or the weekend because maybe as people spread the word, or find out something’s going on, you know, if it starts on a saturday it doesn’t give you a lot of time, but on a thursday you might get traffic and start talking and telling people i had a lot of fun at this place or event. Let’s go back and that gives you time to build that audience and that traffic for sure, ”he said.

But after more than a year of staying away from the entertainment, spectators were simply thrilled with the Cabin Fever Laser Light Show on Thursday.

“It means so much because everyone is dying to go out and we’re outside and some people are actually wearing masks,” Crysta Dunkerly said. “The more opportunities you have to go out and have fun, the better.”

She said a laser light show was just strange enough to attract the whole family.

“It’s unique, it’s something different,” she says.

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