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KINGSTON, NY – A group of nonprofit architects has been hired to help design the building plans for the Kingston Food Co-op slated for Midtown.

Kingston Food Cooperative Outreach Coordinator Siobhan DuPont said Model of Architecture Serving Society (MASS) has entered into an agreement with the food co-op to design plans for the grocery store market to be located at 708 Broadway.

“We will be working with MASS over the next few months to create a design alongside our members and community members to ensure our co-op reflects the community it will serve,” DuPont said in an email. “We work to amplify the most marginalized voices in our community to share their ideas, needs and dreams for our co-op. »

Additionally, the store leadership committee is “exploring cooperative leadership models and will participate in a series of shared leadership workshops to conduct research and determine the best staffing model for our store when we are ready to open.” .

The selection for MASS came after a review process.

“Our co-op went through a multi-step process to select MASS for our building design, which included a series of presentations from architects, gathering subsequent feedback from our community and co-op members, and using that information for our board (board) to make a final selection,” DuPont said.

DuPont said MASS Design is a team of more than 200 architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, furniture designers, writers, filmmakers and researchers representing 20 countries around the world, whose mission is to research, build and champion a architecture that “promotes justice and human dignity.

“Designing our co-op will take several months as we incorporate our community’s feedback and hopes for our co-op,” DuPont said. “Our community and members will have the opportunity to share the programs our co-op should have, the foods we should sell, general aesthetic preferences, and other ideas that will inform our building design. »

In December 2019, organizers announced the plan for the Kingston Food Co-op store in the Broadway building, a former Honda dealership, which measures 10,000 square feet.

At the time, organizers said the market will be “a community gathering place and a full-service grocery store that offers locally sourced foods” and other basic groceries.

The Kingston Food Co-op is expected to be 100% owned and operated by local members, with profits from the store remaining in the community, organizers said.

DuPont said membership has grown to more than 1,200.

The number of members of the cooperative has increased from 10 people in April 2019 to 290 in mid-December, according to a press release. In January 2021, the number of members had exceeded 1,000. Each full subscription purchased is accompanied by a “Partage Solidaire” subscription, reserved for people who can prove their income.

The total cost of membership is $150, while Solidarity Share membership costs $15, the press release said. Both memberships can be purchased through a payment plan, and once a membership is purchased, it is good for the lifetime of the member.

The building at 708 Broadway is currently owned by the NoVo Foundation and will be turned over to the co-op once renovations are complete, organizers said.

Selected for its central location, the Broadway property is accessible by bus, bike, foot and car, according to a press release. It is also close to the Kingston Greenline Trail.

The co-op is governed by a board and all members have the right to vote to determine representation on the board.

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Maria R. Newman