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RANCH LADERA (CBSLA) – A Ladera Ranch dad wants everyone to know they’re welcome at this week’s community pride event for his son and other LGBTQ + teens.

Keith said the Neighborhood Homeowners Association gave the event organizers permission to hold the Love Pride Parade, but then changed their mind as there would be more than 25 people. (Source: Morgane Sabin)

“I think we’re on the safe side,” said father Keith. “I think all we do here is support our kids and we have a fun family event.”

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Keith said the Neighborhood Homeowners Association initially gave the event organizers a permit to hold the Love Pride Parade, but later changed their mind as there would be more than 25 people.

“They won’t allow something like that. They won’t allow us to use the whole park, even though other events have taken place here, including a Trump rally, ”he said. “There were a lot of events here in the park that brought together a lot more than 25 people. There were vendors here, they used the whole park.

The idea for the family event came after a group of teens holding pride placards at Ladera Ranch were asked by a woman about why they were supporting the LGBTQ + community.

“We were like, ‘We’re supporting this one because it’s the month to support this one, and she just said,’ Whatever ‘and started walking away,” Keith’s son said. . “Then Alex said,” Have a nice day, “and she said,” You too. Improve yourself, “and we were just shocked.

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When neighbor Morgane Sabin heard about the experience, she planned an event to show her support for the LGBTQ + community.

“If you look at the events of the last year, different Trump rallies go off without any problem, then the Asian family is harassed because they are Asian,” she said. “And now, once again, we try to support the differences here at Ladera [Ranch] and they don’t support it which tells me differences are not welcome here.

In response to Sabin’s question as to why the permit was not being granted for a larger crowd, the HOA sent him an email that said, in part:

“Since this is a neighborhood park, we are limiting the number of large-scale events that take place at the founders out of respect for the neighbors.”

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CBS Los Angeles contacted the HOA, but did not receive a response immediately.

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