‘MADE’ Handmade Bike Show Arrives With Big Promises

It’s official: the MADE Global Bike Show will hold its inaugural roundup next year. Handcrafted bicycles and household components will enhance the festivities.

Organizers of the MADE bike show have announced that its first summit for handmade bike builders and craft brands will go live in September 2023. The 3-day event in Portland, Oregon will feature facetime branding for media and content creators, and 2 days of consumer-facing action.

What’s at the tap? More than 100 frame builders and national bicycle brands as well as component and accessory manufacturers, sponsored events at Portland’s bike shops, and plenty of lively “activations” at the show’s all-outdoor site.

The announcement comes just days after organizers canceled this year North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). It promises to offer an engaging format and plenty of incentives for builders to attend, including free booth space.


“MADE is the next evolution of handmade consumer and professional events, creating an inclusive, exciting and supportive format,” said Billy Sinkford, vice president of ECHOS Brand Communications.

“The event will celebrate and support frame builders and the culture around them, and our collective goal is to raise awareness for this segment of the industry. To that end, we will be offering free booth space to all frame builders for the inaugural year 2023.”

MADE Bike Show Format and Details

The show’s organizers designed its outdoor format to encourage demonstrations for visitors and industry rides for media and professionals. Meanwhile, interactive events will take place at Portland’s Chris King, Speedvagen and Breadwinner Cycles. Registration opens fully to brands in September, but the show has already leaked confirmations from a long list of names.

Moots, The Pro’s Closet, Paul Component Engineering, Mosaic, Bike Flights, Schon Studio, Stinner, Abbey Bike Tools, Argonaut Cycles, WZRD Bikes, Retrotec, Btchn Bikes, Falconer Cycles, Tomii Cycle, Frontier Bikes, Bender Bikes, Bike Flights, and Monē Bikes are all on board.

In addition to free booth space for frame builders, MADE also pledged to pay shipping costs for the bikes, and it promised that communications staff would “heavily” promote the work of each. manufacturer on several media channels.

Each frame builder will also be listed on the MADE website the whole year after the show, which will help them connect with custom buyers.

Other details like ticket options and prices and specific programming are not available at this time. If you can’t make it to Portland next September, you can catch the first MADE Global Bike Show online via REVEAL press conference.

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