Nelson County 2021 graduates ‘stronger’ after unprecedented year | Education

In his remarks, Foley thanked family, friends, mentors and loved ones as well as educators whose impact “extends in and out of the classroom.”

Foley said the older people who graduated that day were very different from the freshmen who entered high school four years before, having been touched by their peers and learning valuable lessons from their peers, from technicians to athletes, musicians and performers, artists, agricultural students and more.

“Whether we realized it or not, these different groups of students reflected on us. I’d like to think that we – the class of 2021 – are a mosaic of every person we’ve interacted with in our four years here, “Foley said, referring to a speech by former President Jimmy Carter.

As in previous years, Superintendent Martha Eagle presented seniors with their first dollar earned as graduates, saying she believed “it pays to get an education.” She encouraged the class to never stop learning.

“My challenge for you tonight is to set a goal, have a dream and make a plan,” Eagle said. “I challenge you to start the next chapter of your book of life and your story to be the best you can be and make this world a better place.”

Honorary graduate Graceann Lawhorne urged her classmates to recognize and appreciate the weight of the degrees they would receive later that evening. As she embarked on the next chapter in their lives, she said now is the time to set new goals and discover new paths.

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