Noise pollution: SNSOS Farewell Bash, Last Goodbye, Wasted Laika, Murat Sherizat, Wonder Sea

Hello old friends! It’s been a crazy semester, hasn’t it !? Many things have changed. The live music took one hit after another, but it finally feels like the smoke has cleared. And like many companies in China, the music scene is trying to make up for lost time and you know what that means! Lots and lots of concerts to come. Since our last conversation some of our best have fallen by the wayside. And others are still on the sidelines, quietly awaiting the green light. And miraculously, new spots have even opened in these turbulent times. All I can say is that I miss live music – never leave me! Here is your summary of the weekend courtesy of this ex-Beijinger.


Pumpkins, last goodbye, outsider to Yue Space

Ruby Eyes Records – the indie label that can’t be stopped – presents their diverse and nasty roster with lineup featuring some crazy good bands – from old school punk outfit Xinxiang veteran Pumpkins, who embodies the spirit of punk like no other , to ska – punk favorites Underdog, fresh off their devilishly good new LP, and dream pop rockers Last Goodbye, whose debuts are full of colorful poise and overwhelming rhythms hard to shake. RMB 120/150

ROMO, Wasted Laika, Car Drop, secret group at Omni Space

Emerging Beijing-based label and collective, Blindspot – led by some of the righteous members of the punk scene (including members of Wasted Laika, Xiao Wang and Hang Nail) celebrate a year in style with a two-night show at the ‘Omni Space. The First Night features emerging Wuhan post-punk band ROMO (already picked up by Maybe Mars), hard-hitting punk kids Car Drop, and art-punk renegade Wasted Laika themselves (they’ve sold shows across China). . Plus a great secret group! RMB 80/100/150

Watermelon Box, Miao Shou Hui, Shows Hand at Mao Livehouse

Wukesong is getting back to basics – with a healthy dose of punk rock and pop songs to keep you going until the start of the school year. On the program are veteran punk band Watermelon Can, who made their high school debut, pop-punk scrappers Showhand, J-rock-influenced quartet Backhand Wave, and funk and blues-pop creators Miao Shou Hui. RMB 90/110

Question & Divine, Nathan Borofka at Nugget Café

The Nugget Café is keeping the dream alive this weekend with another finely curated lineup featuring the tender psych-folk duo Q&D (aka Question & Divine) with singer and guitarist Kaiyue and percussionist Dee. In addition, equally serious and mischievous folk singer-songwriter Nathan Borofka is strutting about. RMB 60/70

Murat Sherizat at Valley Resident

Wusu, born in Xinjiang and originally from Kuitun, Murat Sherizat is a rock and roll pioneer in Xinjiang and an explorer of traditional Kazakh music. The world music veteran is preparing to release his classical guitar-based LP Küy Guitar: Three Grains Valley on Modern Sky’s world music label next month. Meet him tonight at the Valley Resident Music Space in Tongzhou. RMB 80/100

Djang San at the Temple

East meets West fusionist and show veteran Djang San – a jack of all trades including “zhongruan player, philosopher, poet, songwriter, guitar hero, DJ, solo orchestra and new sounds explorer ‘heads with his band at Jianghu Bar to have a good time. RMB 60/80

Eric Allen Woodshed at Guru Hole

Eric Allen and his band Woodshed bring the sounds of the Americana to Sihui, combining a rock style with authentic American blues from Chicago, Texas and the Mississippi Delta. 70 RMB

Bingo in the back seat at the Tuan Club

The variety show Jing & Tonic returns with a new bag of tricks – a new band on the stage by the name of Back Seat Bingo that combines elements of 50s rockabilly, R&B, surfing and dirty lyricism in the aim to launch a great old ‘time. 80 RMB


SNSOS, Russian Roulette, Auburn, Human Speed, GuoJiErZu at RAM Brew Pub

One of my favorite bands over the past few years has been the Beijing instrumental rockers SNSOS, who inject their sound with math-rock playing, dream-pop pulp, and post-rock crescendos that are fiery, assembled in such a way. complex and full of life. Well, sad news – they call it stop. But not without a farewell party featuring some of their closest friends and bandmates including Qianzi from indie rock band Auburn, Russian Roulette punk rascals GuoJiErZu and the all-new Human Speed, a punk math-rock led by a woman. bandaged. I miss you already SNSOS! RMB 80/100

Xiao Wang, JIAO, Party Spy, Lonely Leary at Omni Space

Emerging Beijing-based label and collective, Blindspot – led by some of the righteous members of the punk scene (including members of Wasted Laika, Xiao Wang and Hang Nail) celebrate a year in style with a two-night show at the ‘Omni Space. The second night features Xiao Wang, the kawaii barn burners, the grunge rock terrorists of Wuhan JIAO, the punk thugs of Chengdu Party Spy, and our very own post-punk firecrackers, Lonely Leary. RMB 80/100/150

Sea of ​​Wonders, 16e Sol, Delicate Return Past at Tango

Post-rock and thrills at Tango tonight as Wonder Sea, emo-infused post-rockers fresh off their sold-out tour of China join their post-swoon compatriots in Beijing on the 16the The atmospheric floor and post-rock band Return to Delicate Past, originally from Jiaozuo. Great stage for great soundscapes. 150 RMB

N-Bomb, Deformed Boi, AJK, The Uncrowned, Ephemerality, Black or White, BrothaHood, DJ RiRi at Yue Space

Rap and metal join forces for an explosive evening of music at Yue Space as some members of the Dungeon Beijing Crew, including skilled rapper N-Bomb, join gothic metalheads Army of Jade Kirin, melodic death metal band Ephemerality and many others. RMB 170/200

Black Mint, Panda Eyes, Theory of Relativity at Mao Livehouse

Blues hard-rock Black Mint, formed in 2012, has continued to rise through the ranks with its falsetto-style rock and roll that takes no prisoners. They will be joined by pop rockers Panda Eyes and hard-hitting alternative rockers Theory of Relativity for two consecutive nights in Wukesong. 130/150 RMB

thruoutin, NinjaBlade at Nugget Café

Tianjin maverick producer Ninjablade brings his immersive and rich soundscapes to the tiny Nuggets stage concert series with help from fellow producer and thruoutin electronic artist, who will deliver a special ambient “hybrid” ensemble. RMB 60/70

Force on Da Edge Rap Battle with DJ Funkylicious, MC L-Force at frUITYSPACE

frUITYSPACE is bringing back the good vibes with their first live showcase in quite some time. For the occasion, DJ Funkylicious and MC L-Force have brought together a motley team of rappers, hip-hop enthusiasts and more for a workshop, a battle and a hip-hop after-party. 66 RMB

Dulaan at Jianghu bar

Composed of heavy metal musicians, traditional Mongolian instrumentalists, singers from Mongolian folk groups and contemporary DJs, Dulaan takes up the traditional sounds and songs of Mongolia and mixes elements of indie, funk, new age, dub, reggae, etc. . RMB 80/100

Eryang & Purple Liu, the Slow Blade at Guru Hole

Sihui and Guru Hole go cosmic tonight with help from psychedelic space rock duo Eryang & Purple Liu, and the gritty apocalyptic blues of The Slow Blade (Guiguisuisui’s Dann Gaymer solo project). 70 RMB


Quark at the Omni Space

Veteran Xi’an indie-pop group Quark returns after far too long and they arrive with the goods – a new EP. It’s been a while since their melodic, heartwarming, and damn catchy 2016 release (which never dives too far into shtick or schmaltz) has been released and has me intrigued to see what they have in store. 100/120 RMB

Diagon Alley, Brickleberry, XiShi, FaTiaoKaMuSuo at Mao Livehouse

It’s an indie-pop night in Wukesong with britpop electro-rockers Diagon Alley, Brickleberry disco dance punks, XiShi pop-punk quartet and Tianjin FaTiaoKaMuSuo art-rockers. 100/120 RMB

SeanT, Nero, Lil MILK, OliverJiang, JRocka, XTONE, Lil Mangy, 9Mega to Tango

Chinese Rap sequel this year !? Me neither! Do I have any idea who these cats are? Certainly not! But I can tell you that there is a serious buzz around them. So if you’re looking to soak up what the current hip-hop scene is like – in all of its styles – then look no further. 200/260 RMB

Cold water, freshwater fish at Jianghu sea bass

In collaboration with JC Box, the Jianghu Bar invites two emerging pop groups – the tender folk female trio Cold Water and the serious urban pop group Sweetwater Fish. RMB 60/80

Zhang Yihao at Yue Space

Rising indie pop star Zhang Yihao brings his soft-voiced, easily digestible pop music to Yue Space. Bring on a romantic date, say the organizers – that kind of show. RMB 160/180

LILY: SNSOS and the art of gender weaving

Images: SNSOS, courtesy of the organizers

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