Organizers prepare for the bike show

Motorcycles on display at a previous Marches Moto Italia event in 2019.

The event started a few years ago, when a small group of Italian bikers thought it would be a good idea to organize a rally with all Italian motorcycle brands.

The idea proved an instant hit when the first Moto Italia Marches took place in 2016.

James Bowen, 78, who is one of the organisers, said: “Over 80 riders attended this first event and since then it has been staged five times, attracting ever-increasing numbers of visitors to see the machines. exhibited.

“Enthusiasts exchange tips and stories about their road adventures and this year the Moto Italia will start at 10am.

“It’s pretty low-key, with no loud music or commercial stalls.

“It gives people a nice ride to get there and lets them enjoy good pub food and beer and have a good time.

“If it’s a good day, we could have over 80 people and hopefully it will be really good this year.”

The father-of-two, who has four grandchildren, rides a 1961 Morini 175cc which will be on display along with many other bikes that day.

He said: “The Italian bikes are phenomenal because the engineering is fantastic and they look great.

“They really attract enthusiasts.”

Although this is an Italian cycle rally, anyone with an interesting classic bike or other bikes is welcome to visit the show and there will be special parking for their machines.

Mr Bowen added: ‘We hope many people will come and enjoy the sights and sounds of the day.

Maria R. Newman