Petal High special education students develop workforce skills

PETAL, Mississippi (WDAM) – At Petal High School, many teachers and students start their day with a great cup of coffee, and it’s all thanks to students in special education.

Four days a week, you can expect to see a line up outside a coffee mini bar known as Panther Brew. Located inside The Den, Panther Brew is primarily run by students with special needs.

“This gives these students the opportunity not only to socialize with their general education peers, but it also gives them the opportunity to learn skills outside of a classroom,” said Ms. Jaci Anderson, teacher. in community special education.

She says the program helps students develop skills needed in the job market.

“It’s a way for them to practice the skills we’re working on in the classroom where they could be employed later in life,” Anderson said. “It’s our goal, to try and give them the professional skills they need later after high school. “

Anderson says the donations of their iced and hot coffees help the community class, the multi-disabled group, and the high school’s alternative graduation class.

“The money we earn from donations we receive with Panther Brew that we use for field trips, so students don’t have to pay for this and for the supplies we need in the classroom for them. career preparation and everyday life courses that we teach, “said Anderson.

Overall, she says students really like to prepare their lives and professional skills, one coffee at a time.

“I love it,” Anderson said. “They are very special to me; that’s what I love to do. The most important thing for me is not only professional skills, but the opportunity to socialize with everyone. We have staff, we have students, and they know everyone just from Panther Brew. “

Anderson says their coffee sells out fast. She says they don’t seem to have enough.

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