Pisces weekly horoscope: what your zodiac sign has in store for you on May 1


FEB 19 – MARCH 20

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Your love profile emphasizes shared values ​​– and any disconnect in these can be addressed now

Picking up a conversation at the beginning can be the key to getting the right things said – and heard.

So don’t delay. Your love profile emphasizes shared values ​​– and any disconnect in these can be dealt with now.

If you are single, a choice between two very different dates may occur when you are ready.

In the meantime, enjoy getting to know the two. Limit work worries to work time.

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DAYS OF DESTINY: Tuesday, you dig deeper into facts or figures to find what you need. Replace the vagueness with sharp personal focus on Saturdays. On “S” days, splurge – but keep the receipts!

LUCKY LINKS: Australian accents. Music from a famous TV show
advertisement. A journey in three parts.

RUNIC REVELATION: In the cycle of life, you will reap what you sow – so
said the harvest rune, JERA.

So plan ahead, live, love, and work within your means, and remember that it’s never too late to stray from a path you feel is going nowhere or in the wrong direction. Wrong direction.

The best days in a relationship are yet to come, and knowing that helps you cope with whatever is happening here and now. The number “12” and nature-inspired shows and contests can bring good luck.

Yes, you can have a green thumb – it’s time to plant some seeds!

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