Rick Ross is hosting a massive car and bike show at his ‘Promise Land’ mansion

Rick Ross’ Car & Bike Show did not disappoint.

The Maybach Music boss hosted the inaugural event Saturday at “The Promise Land,” his 235-acre property in Fayetteville, Georgia. Ross has been making headlines on the show for the past few months, teasing some of the whippings he planned to feature. We’re talking about everything from a custom 1971 Lamborghini Murcielago and Chevrolet Impala to novelty vehicles like a fire truck and camo tank.

Ross opened up about the event during an interview with TMZ earlier this week, saying he was expecting more than 4,000 attendees, including some of his famous friends from the worlds of sports and music.

“The scene is huge. I’m going to leave it open to all the big boys in Atlanta, all the superstars,” he said. “I just expect to be huge.”

Ross compared the car and bike show to a “youth fair” because it would feature DJ sets, 20 food trucks and prizes for the best showcases. The rapper posted the awards portion on his Instagram Stories, where he was seen handing out 24-carat diamond chains to the winners.

Ross said he won’t be entering the contest, but plans to do some shopping throughout the day.

“My partner (@57Freddy) he actually flew judges from California and a few other states so we keep the balance all the way, you know what I mean?” he said about the competition. “I thought that would make it a lot more believable and meaningful. We have great judges coming out.

He continued, “Believe me, this is going to be a memorable event… It’s going to be huge.”

You can check out videos and photos from the sold-out event below.

Maria R. Newman