San Diego Weekend Art Events: Cataphant, Word Up, Zlatomir Fung, Mindanao Dance And Music, Trolley Dances and Omar Pimienta (KPBS Midday Edition segments)

This Weekend in the Arts: Cataphant at Swish Projects, Word Up in person, livestream by cello virtuoso Zlatomir Fung, folk performance from the Philippines, Trolley Dances and Omar Pimienta at Lux.

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend in the arts we have a new art exhibit that addresses the Tijuana River Valley. The first on-site event at the Old Globe, since COVID started a cello virtuoso on a livestream and the return of trolley dances. KPBS Arts Editor-in-Chief Julia Dickson Evans joins me with all the details. Julia. Welcome.

Speaker 2: 00:19 Hi Jane. Thank you for.

Speaker 1: 00:21 Okay. So first of all, a new regional artist from the Lux Art Institute opens his exhibition tonight, which is inspired by the study of borders and waterways like the Tijuana River. Tell us about this show.

Speaker 2: 00:34 Yes, this is Omar P manta, and he is a cross border artist who grew up in Tijuana and he studied and worked in San Diego. It makes an interdisciplinary artistic practice this kind of emergence of different forms. And in this exhibition sediment there are photography, sculpture and mixed media often together, like sculptural letters posed on the landscape photograph of the Tijuana river or the valley in the natural spaces that are found around this area. And this particular river is highly politicized. He’s charged with a lot of geographic and biological, as well as political and social purposes and the linguistic parts of his art really remind us of that. Some of the writings in his photographs are things like time is foreign or the landscape is a social construct. And my favorite is that there is a field of nasturtiums with the words, it’s concrete on it. And he is also a poet and has published a collection of poetry. It is also what is called sedimentary and this evening at the opening, he will read a little of this poetry outside and in the Lux garden. And they will also be an artist talk and a DJ set. It’s also your last chance to see Sierra’s best exhibit at Lux as well. Omar

Speaker 1: 1:51 AM Pinned me into his exhibition at the Luxe art Institute opens tonight with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Viewing appointments are also available on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Now let’s move on to the theater, the old globe has hosted its first event on site for over a year. Tell us what their Word Up program will look like and how we can help. Yes,

Speaker 2: 02:11 So it’s a free event and it’s in their Copley Plaza outdoor space just outside the theater. And it will also be word app, which is hosted by Laura [inaudible]. And it’s like a kind of relaxed, low-pressure participation where they bring in creative experts who come from the theater world or outside to talk and collaborate, live about whatever their particular profession. This week, it’s hip hop and freestyle rap with hip hop artists, Mickey Sailing and rapper, Rick Scales provides the start at five o’clock with a pre-show DJ set. And the old globe suggests dancing, which I, I don’t know if everyone is quite ready for this level of social awkwardness. And then Lady Caroline will also be open at five o’clock. Then, at 5:30 am, they will immerse themselves in the art of freestyle rap and hip hop performance. Uh, these two artists are really amazing. Here is a track of the Rick Ladders, throw 18 ladders. It’s called whatever you want.

Speaker 3: 03:29 [inaudible] gave them the safest gun dollar, make up the Jews just to give them that new addition with it’s

Speaker 1: 03:35 Whatever you want from Rick Scales, Project 18 Scales, Rick Scales and Mickey’s Veil will be in the Old Globe’s outer plaza for the doors open at five o’clock. And the program starts at five:30 tonight. Trolley dances, San Diego, its beloved site-specific dance program is also back this weekend. Tell us what to expect there.

Speaker 2: 3:57 AM Yeah, they had to cancel last year’s performance, sure, and they just played a collection of clips from the previous shows. So it’s really great to come back to the real carts. They’ll be doing a shorter version, just three stops in four dances with new site-specific choreography from some cart dance favorites like Monica Bill Barnes and the Return of Jean Isaacs. If you get tickets for the tour, you will start at the 70th Street tram stop for the first performance. Then, with your masks on, you will make a short trip to some nearby stations for the other dances. And if you want to try your luck by just walking to the pinnacle of performance auditing style, they’ll be at 70th Street. Then to San Diego State Station for two performances, then to Grandville for that final dance. The San Diego Dance Theater cautions that there is little room for walk-ups. Your safest bet is therefore to get a ticket in advance. Trolley

Speaker 1: 04:56 Dances take place this weekend with performances on Saturdays and Sundays, starting from the 70th Street light rail station at 10:30, 1130, 1230 and one 30 each day. Um, now let’s say you’re not ready to go to a concert yet. Are there any new concerts available for live streaming?

Speaker 2: 05:13 Yeah. Music company LA Jolla will broadcast live an outdoor concert of cello and piano music on Sunday. And even if you wanted to go see this one live, you couldn’t because all in-person shows are sold out. They bring in young cello virtuosos so that Amir Fung and pianist Richard jostle each other to perform three works: Beethoven sonatas and incursion. And then this truly mysterious tonal dance piece called a duet for cello and piano by an American composer. Arthur Berger,

Speaker 1: 06:03 You for cello and piano by Arthur Berger. You can hear it interpreted by its simple Latin pleasure. Go to cello and Richard Fu on piano and live stream concert this Sunday at 3:00 p.m. for more details on these and other events or to sign up for Julia’s weekly KPBS arts newsletter, go to arts. I spoke with KPBS art editor Julia Dixon Evans, Julia, thank you and

Speaker 3: 6:30 a.m. Have a nice weekend. [inaudible].

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