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An employer of murdered mechanic Marlon ‘Irons’ Salmon said the news that his mentor had been shot was a gruesome reminder of an incident in which Salmon was shot in his Denbigh Crescent workshop in Clarendon last year.

Recalling the 2020 incident, Cloyous Lewin said he screamed because he feared Salmon, who was hospitalized, may not have survived the attack. He believed then that God had played a role in keeping Salmon alive.

But that fortune was missing on Saturday night when he was shot dead during an illegal bicycle display at Wood Hall in the parish.

“Last night I’m going up, I’m going to watch the man lay on the ground on the bike, Lewin said.

According to May Pen Police reports, at around 8:15 p.m. Salmon was standing along the roadway when he was shot at point blank range.

Lewin said The gleaner that Salmon was like a father to him, taking Lewin under his wing after leaving high school.

“Him more than good …. A father of everyone. Yuh nuh thinks’ bout hungry yah so. To him make me know the bike. I make noise while cycling to a bike show him. I see the man all lef ‘Mobay with his motor in a box and come and say’ You know I see a young man and stop him and ask him ‘about his bike and tell him about Clarendon , May Pen and Irons’. .. the man left Mobay, ”Lewin pointed out.

He also praised Salmon for always encouraging him to seize new work opportunities.

Bikers who gathered at the Salmon store on Sunday described him as a decent man who was enthusiastic about imparting knowledge and skills to the youth of Clarendon.

“A whole lot of youth him [teach] trade, you know. When you come around so much yah, around so full yah a bwoy, and all are a learning craft, ”said one biker, who asked that his name not be released.

Best bike man

Hours after Salmon was shot, an elderly man was seen walking to the store Salmon operated on Denbigh Crescent.

Not knowing that Salmon had encountered his tragic disappearance on Saturday night, he told the news team, “I’m here to watch fi Irons fi sort dah horn yah pan dah bike yah. It doesn’t work well.

He was devastated by the news of Irons’ death, calling him “the best cyclist in the place” who was willing to offer the courtesy of late payment for services rendered.

Clarendon bikers say the deceased mechanic was revered as the promoter of one of the parish’s largest bike shows.

A resident who requested anonymity said he was shocked to learn of Salmon’s murder.

“He’s a very popular man…. All of Jamaica knows irons. He’s a good kid for me. He fixes everyone by bike in the community, ”he said.

The incident is one of many shootings across the country amid a government-imposed ban on entertainment events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Six people, including a 12-year-old boy, were shot dead at an illegal party in Manchester on Friday evening.

A 24-year-old man was also killed at an illegal bicycle show in Kingston last month.

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Maria R. Newman