Shocking moment thieves break into bicycle shop and vault fence to escape

Thieves in Edinburgh have been filmed running away with two bikes after breaking into an alarmed bicycle shop in a house in The Inch district of the Scottish capital.

Images of the theft, which took place at around noon on Thursday 11 November, were posted on Facebook by Edison Mallare, who said it had left him “shaken and very angry because they even threaten my family.”

Photographs also posted to Facebook show the thieves managed to pry open the top of the bicycle storage unit before cutting an anti-theft cable securing the bikes in what appears to be a well-planned operation.

Inch Bike Theft via Facebook 3.PNG

In the video, the disbelieving couple – both dressed in black and wearing balaclavas and masks – can be seen throwing the bikes over the garden fence, where at least one accomplice is waiting, before jumping it themselves. .

Edison, who worked at the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary at the time, told “My son filmed this while my daughter was calling the police.

“My wife ran downstairs and locked the back door as the third guy in a gray tracksuit approached our back door with a piece of log threatening to hit anyone who came out to stop them.”

The footage shows the next door neighbor of the family rushing outside and climbing to the top of the fence before stopping, likely because the thieves have already fled.

However, in a response to a comment on Facebook, Edison said another neighbor picked up one of the bikes, adding, “Always good people out there.”

This bike belongs to his wife, and Edison told he thought the thieves left it in an alleyway because during the theft the rear fender was dented causing the wheel to seize. which meant they couldn’t take it off.

He added that “the alarm went off and the bikes were double locked with cables,” but that they “didn’t stand a chance against the bolt cutters” and that “the Asgard bike storage didn’t was not secure against the cutter as they cut the fairing cover for the padlocks.

The bike the thieves fled with is a red Orbea Wild FS.

Inch Bike Theft via Facebook 5

Inch Bike Theft via Facebook 4

This is the latest in a series of break-ins and bicycle thefts across the UK that we have reported in recent weeks, many of which have taken place in broad daylight and in the presence of witnesses.

Last month, Metropolitan Police arrested a youth following a series of bicycle hijackings by moped thieves in London’s Richmond Park, with victims in some cases threatened with machetes.

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In Birmingham, West Midlands Police have stepped up patrols on the city’s waterways after a number of incidents in which cyclists have been assaulted for their bikes as they rode along the canal towpaths .

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And earlier this month at Surrey Quays in south London, thieves used an angle grinder to cut a lock in order to steal an electric bike outside the busy shopping center, with footage taken by a passer-by transmitted to the owner of the bike and to the police in an attempt to track down the gang.

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Maria R. Newman