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Among the subgroups, the percentage of proficient or advanced students in reading was 78% for Asian Americans, 68% for post-ELL students, 60% for Native Americans, 58% for whites , 49% for low income students of all races, 48% for Latinos, 48% for multiracial students, 41% for African Americans, 15% for students with IEP and 14% for ELL students still learning english.

In reading, 60% of female students performed at proficient or advanced levels, compared to only 49% of male students.

In science, which is only followed by students in Grades 5, 8 and 10, the percentage of students achieving an advanced or advanced level in the spring of 2021 ranged from 42% in fifth grade to 50% in eighth grade – almost exactly the same as in 2019 – a graph showed. However, the averages by grade level still fell 11 to 15 percentage points below state averages.

Among the subgroups, 74% of Asian American students achieved proficient or advanced levels, followed by 50% of Native Americans, 49% of whites, 48% of post-ELL students, 39% of low-income students, 37% of multiracial students, 35% of Latinos, 31% of African Americans, 15% of students with IEP, and 10% of ELL students still learning English. About 48% of female students achieved results at an advanced or advanced level and 46% of male students.

Unfortunately, the test has not shown improvement since fall 2020, while measures of academic progress have shown growth from fall 2020 through spring 2021. The MAP test is administered every fall, winter and spring in schools. communities of Council Bluffs.

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