Tango Gameworks is exploring “new genres” with upcoming titles –

The Evil Within 2 was launched back in 2017 and since then, Tango Gameworks hasn’t released another game. The Japanese studio has since then been bought by Microsoft as a part of the Bethesda purchase earlier this year, but their next title is actually a PC/PlayStation 5 time exclusive title called Ghostwire Tokyo launching in 2022.

But as that game likely is fairly finished by now, you could assume that parts of the team have moved on to other projects. And that turns out to be the correct assumption as it’s revealed in a conversation between the Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer and Tango Gameworks founder and industry legend Shinji Mikami (who created the first Resident Evil and Dino Crisis), that there are in fact more projects coming.

He says that The Evil Within 2 director John Johanas is currently working on a new game, and there is also third title currently in development. While we don’t get any details from it, it’s still revealed to be a somewhat smaller game from a new director with a younger team that will explore “new genres”.

As Tango Gameworks is a Microsoft owned developer, these games are surely coming for both PC and Xbox, and most likely Android and iOS via Xbox Game Pass.

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