The 5 rarest Mass Effect events

With Mass Effect With the Legendary Edition finally out, it’s high time fans of the franchise relive the moments that made this series great, from Garrus’ calibration to Mordin’s catchy take on Gilbert and Sullivan. It’s also a great opportunity for new players who missed the original trilogy from 2007-2012 to finally experience sci-fi opera and the Limitless Galaxy that have touched gamers’ hearts for many years.

the Mass Effect The trilogy has many secrets and Easter eggs contained in its code, some of which have been well hidden for many years. Even now, fans are discovering new scenes and rare encounters resulting in choices most people would never even consider making. Here are some of the rarest encounters from the entire trilogy, found through various means.

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Liara’s hallucination

Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect

Scientist Asari Liara T’Soni is the latest member of the team to be recruited in Mass Effect, found during a mission to Therum where she is trapped in an accidentally activated Prothean stasis field. however, Mass Effect is the most open-ended trilogy in terms of exploration and the order in which missions can be taken, meaning players can complete most of the game before even trying to recruit Liara.

Shepard can complete the missions in Noveria, Feros, and even the decisive mission in Virmire without ever bothering to speak to Liara. Finally, the player possesses go to Therum to save her, but with all the other missions completed, a lot of time has passed; Liara has been floating in the stasis field for so long that she thinks her rescuers are just a hallucination. She has a few funny lines on the situation, basically poking fun at the player how long it took to find her.

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Joker Slow Motion Joke

Longtime pilot and resident snarker of Normandy, Jeff “Joker” Moreau is an important pillar of the series. Despite his insistence that his nickname “Joker” was derogatory and ironic due to his lack of humor, Joker himself makes a lot of jokes and gets a lot more silly and mischievous over the course of the trilogy.

In particular, Mass effect 2 has a few rarely encountered voice lines for Joker, introducing himself as his voice actor Seth Green mostly having fun with the role. These lines only occur if Shepard decides to stay in the cockpit for a particularly long period of time. Ranging from IDE complaints, random spray noises, and zombie remarks, Joker has a surprisingly large amount of dialogue that most people will never hear.

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Probing Uranus

Since the main attraction of Mass Effect journeying through the Milky Way galaxy to visit unexplored worlds and meet strange alien societies, players can be forgiven if traveling through our own solar system (nicknamed the “local cluster” in the game) can seem rather boring. With the exception of some key planets, such as Earth and Mars in Mass effect 3, most of our actual solar system has very little to offer in terms of resources or knowledge to be had in this intergalactic epic.

Still, BioWare has found a way to generate some pleasure in mining our mundane neighboring planets, even if it seems very immature. Despite almost completely depleted resources, the player can hear a special dialogue from the IDE when they choose to probe Uranus. At first, she expresses a minor protest with the line “Really, Commander? Only to give in to the joke and declare that she was “probing Uranus”.

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Indoctrinated Party Members

A player’s decisions in Mass effect 2 can have a huge amount of weight behind them in Mass effect 3, especially if several teammates did not survive the suicide mission via the Omega relay. However, some of the most shocking moments of Mass effect 3 can happen only because of inaction or making very bad decisions. There are three party members from the second game who can appear as enemies in the third game due to various factors.

If Shepard chooses to send Legion to be examined by Cerberus, they will lose a valuable ally in the quarian-geth relationship, but in ME3 they will also have to face “Legion Assassin”. Morinth, if she replaces Samara and survives the suicide mission, is given an unceremonious fate as a standard banshee during the Battle for Earth. More tragically, if the player doesn’t complete the Grissom Academy mission on time and Jack survives the suicide mission, she will be brainwashed and turned into a ghost by Cerberus.

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Mordin lives

Mordin Solus works to help heal the krogan genophage in Mass effect 3. To befriend the Krogan Shaman Eve and ally with Urdnot Wrex, Mordin’s role in the third game is to use the Shroud to disperse the Krogan Cure, provided he survives the suicide mission of the second. game. If the player wants to cure the genophagus, Mordin must die, performing a heroic sacrifice as the Shroud Facility collapses.

For many Mass Effect fans, Mordin’s death is one of the saddest scenes in the entire series, given much more power as his sacrifice is essential to achieving the best possible ending in Mass effect 3. However, should the player like Mordin maybe a bit too much much it can be saved. If Wrex was killed on Virmire in Mass Effect and Mordin destroyed Maelon’s data in Mass effect 2 (which causes the Krogan Eve woman not to survive), Mordin may be convinced that the sabotage of the cure by the salary worker Dalatrass is the best action. To do this is a particularly painful stab at the Krogan race and the Mordin principles, requiring many painful sacrifices just to keep an old wage earner alive.

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