The 6 most OFP jobs in the military

See! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

No, he’s just your local veteran aviator. Without a doubt, this aviator can achieve incredible feats, like spending days and days without sleep, surviving endless attempts to sabotage the enlisted performance report, and pull a reflective belt seemingly out of nowhere.

That’s right, every aviator leaves the service with a number of special abilities. Below are 7 of the best superpowers every aviator possesses.

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7. Sleep? What is that?

Careers in all industries require us to stretch the limits of our bodies. Depending on the specific circumstances and requirements, different aspects of ourselves are tested. One of the most common sacrifices, however, is sleep. Airmen quickly learn to operate with minimal sleep.

8 hours a night? Right.

In some cases, you will have the chance to get 4.

12 hour shift, followed by PT… then a meeting… and another… then another 12 hour shift. (Image from How Stuff Works)

6. Turbo speed

Fitness is definitely a part of military culture. In this regard, the Air Force is a little later in the party than some of our older and sharper brethren.

Every morning on posts from our older brothers you will likely find a team or two doing some sort of PT. This is also true on Air Force bases. Good, sort of.

You are just as likely to see a squadron doing regular PT as you are seeing a cardio room full of fast-paced airmen trying to prepare for their Air Force physical training test… which will take place. next week.

The 6 most OFP jobs in the military

Fat boy, fat boy, where have you been? (Image from Warner Bros. ‘ Full Metal Jacket).

5. Builds Ford hard

We are good and strong, for the most part. At least for a while.

The 6 most OFP jobs in the military
Right? Right. (Image from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery by New Line Cinema)

4. Champions “Grin and bear it”

There is a common misconception that aviators are similar to teenagers: They are quick to respond and rebel. There are kernels of truth in there, as there are most myths.

In today’s Air Force, it’s much easier to see your career cut short by a simple mistake. It is truly a one-fault air force.

You’re constantly on edge, so if you value your time in uniform and want it to continue, you might need to eat some humble pie.

Well, actually a lot of humble pie.

Like, the whole pie.

The 6 most OFP jobs in the military
Want to stick around? Eat, aviator!

3. Specialty in acronym decryption

The US Air Force, like the rest of the military, has fallen in love with acronyms.

Living in this environment turns your mind into an acronym that makes and breaks the beast.

It is quite possible to receive an e-mail with the title “USAF USN TRNG CQB SF Amn in AETC”.

The 6 most OFP jobs in the military
Actual images from above thinking of more acronyms. (Image from Warner Bros. Pictures’ Hangover Part 3)

2. Adaptability

The only constant is change.

All aviators, sailors, sailors and soldiers know this. It is embedded in us, if not through education, then certainly through the rapid and immediate changes that we experience without much notice.

It’s really sink or swim. Adapt or die.

The 6 most OFP jobs in the military
Pff! Who is afraid of a small change? (Image from Bold Films’ Nightcrawler)

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1. Selflessness

One of the USAF’s core values ​​is “service before you”. This mentality will stay with you if it ever happens to you. Airmen will always put others and the big picture before themselves.

Sometimes that’s a downside, but it’s a wonderful ability nonetheless.

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