The Aussie Adventure Dirt Bike Show launches this Saturday

DThe all-new Aussie Adventure Dirt Bike Show hits TV screens across Australia this Saturday on 7Mate for a five-week series.

Have you ever felt the urge to throw your leg up on an adventure bike and just cruise through the beautiful Victorian countryside, but not knowing where to start? The Aussie Adventure Bike Show was born from this idea.

There is a really raw and vulnerable delivery of this show as two well-experienced off-road and road bike riders who are also experienced TV presenters, throw their inexperienced legs on an adventure bike and cruise around. by buying a bike, finding trails and getting comfortable on their new adventure bikes.

The Aussie Adventure Bike Show is a fun educational series featuring all things adventure biking for new adventurers. The experiences are new and the adventures are educational and exciting.

The first few episodes help viewers navigate buying a bike and buying gear, which is an extremely important starting point. The following shows are about outings and exploring.

The Aussie Adventure Bike Show is hosted by two longtime cycling enthusiast friends, one, Brendan Bell, with 21 years of experience producing the popular off-road motorcycle show MXTV and the other as a dedicated cook of Smoking Delicious and near-vintage bike presenter on MXTV.

Although the presenters have extensive off-road motorcycle experience and industry knowledge, they have little knowledge of adventure cycling, so the show aims to bring new riders, like the presenters, along of a five week educational trip in the hopes of instilling a bit of excitement and confidence for new riders who have always thought about adventure biking but never had the courage or the know-how to start their adventure bike.

The Aussie Adventure Bike Show is proudly supported by Pirelli, Motul, Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, Suzuki, POD, MCA, Macna Clothing TCX and Airoh boots and produced by Bell Group Productions.

The rehearsals can be viewed on the 7Plus app.

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Maria R. Newman