The bike group stops near Draper


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The Transam team from Bike the US for MS recently stopped to refuel at Draper.

With a trip beginning in Yorktown, Virginia, and ending in San Francisco, California, the group raises funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis (MS), an often debilitating chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, made up of brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.

The Transam team faced an 82 mile drive from Blacksburg to Rural Retreat for this leg of the journey.

Their full trip will be 3,785 miles with 164,365 feet of elevation gain.

“We will be in San Francisco in early August,” said team leader Nicole Montague, who will soon return home to the United Kingdom (UK) as the Bike the UK for MS program coordinator. The team she leads will continue to raise funds as they cross the country.

Those who stopped by Draper had raised nearly $28,000 combined.

The money is used to help MS communities and also supports the group along the way.

“We had a mixer with a Blacksburg contact in the SP Alliance and we donated $12,340,” Monatgue said.

“If luxury is what you’re looking for, our tour isn’t for you,” said Brad Gilmore, a pilot with the group.

If the organization paid for us to stay in the hotel for just one nightyoue would be the cost of a ramp for someone’s house,” Gilmore said. The group relies on the “goodwill of hosts” such as churches, fire stations and town halls for accommodation. They also often stay under the stars in the campgrounds along the route.

Once the team leaves Rural Retreat there will be another 80 mile leg of their journey to Rosedale, Va. in Russel County.

Maria R. Newman