The evolving world of continuing education and certificates fully online

Today’s global professionals realize that career development means regular updating of knowledge and skills through continuing education. Increasingly, they are looking for programs that help them demonstrate their mastery of in-demand skills like project management or data analysis. Or they decide to build on their current work experience and add new knowledge, soft skills and professional networks.

The flexibility to move towards new and emerging careers is essential. To achieve their goals and stand out in any industry, professionals need an educational partner who offers world-class instruction, a rigorous curriculum, and opportunities to network with local, national and global colleagues.

When choosing an educational program, here are the key questions: Does the program offer direct interaction with instructors, sometimes referred to as “instructor-led” versus “self-paced” programs? Are there options for accessible and convenient online formats using universal design to meet the diverse learning needs of students? Do student support services offer opportunities to broaden a professional network and engage in career planning?

UCLA Extension with the launch of UCLAxOnline is a powerful example of an institution sensitive to the needs of professionals and employers.
UCLAxOnline presents the next evolution of continuing higher education online. This major initiative offers highly demanded certificates enriched around innovative learning technologies combined with an interactive and immersive experience. UCLAxOnline uses the latest research to incorporate effective instructional design models that enhance the learning experience and peer engagement.

Designed to help professionals advance in their careers, UCLAxOnline offers the convenience of studying at any time and is powered by direct interaction.

Focus on the end user
UCLAxOnline certificates are instructor led with multimedia features and are dynamic and efficient. The asynchronous format gives students the opportunity to study, complete homework, and balance existing careers and family commitments by engaging with the instructor and other students according to their schedule.

Instructors are another element of any online certificate. In the case of the UCLA extension, there are two advantages at play. First, the classes are taught by accomplished instructors who are industry experts and UCLA approved practitioners. Instructors share invaluable practical information and industry connections. Second, UCLAxOnline is structured to ensure student engagement. Of course, the goal of any online program is to give students knowledge, practice, skills, and support.

Open enrollment at UCLA Extension allows busy professionals to study part-time and enroll in one course per term. Or students can choose to speed up their studies by signing up for 2-3 courses per term. UCLAxOnline aspires to provide “universal access” to education.

Careers in demand, additional benefits

UCLA’s Extension Initiative is launching 11 enhanced certificates in professions or specialties that are currently in high demand, such as accounting, business and entertainment management, college consulting, data science, GIS and science. geospatial technology, human resource management, personal financial planning, project management and sustainability and user experience (UX). Additional certificates are added quarterly.

The resources of a leading university are leveraged for UCLAxOnline. Students who complete UCLA Extension Certificates can participate in workshops, networking events, career counseling services, job search resources, and access UCLA Alumni Association membership. .

UCLA Extension Certificates also come with the added benefit of a Bruin Promise: a bold commitment to lifelong learning, professional development, and personal enrichment for all graduates. from UCLA.

Continuing education programs established in universities have yielded consistent results for adult learners all over the world. The new UCLAxOnline launches at a time when

the nature of work changes the economic outlook for careers.
This fall, the reimagined era of effective online learning for professionals emerges.

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