The Golden Gate Bargain Store in St. Matthew’s House is cycling for a cause


Making ends meet just got a little easier. A new thrift store in Golden Gate is unlike any other.

The St. Matthew’s House Golden Gate Thrift Store takes merchandise from other stores that haven’t been sold and will make them stand out even more.

In this tough economy, shopping at the Bargain Store is easy. Not only will you save money, but you will also help save the environment and even lives.

“Everything you see here that was donated could have ended up in a landfill,” said Daniel Moore, regional manager of St. Matthew’s House.

The vision for this new thrift store in Golden Gate was a unique idea to recycle.

“Much of the products in this store are second distribution. He went to another place, he didn’t sell there, so he’s coming here,” Moore said.

What could have been waste is turned into treasure.

You won’t need a magic wand to save at the Bargain Store, but you can teach your kids a lesson.

“When families come in and they can show the kids can, you know how far a dollar can go,” Moore said.

Price versus value is an invaluable lesson, says one thrifty mom. “Spending $40 on a brand new dress that they might only wear once or twice seems kind of ridiculous to me,” Stephanie Watts said.

What’s reasonable for Watts are the deals, especially when it comes to buying clothes for his daughter.

“By doing this you can pay a quarter of the cost you would buy new and still she can wear it once or twice and then we pass it on and give it away again or pass it on to someone else we know “, says Watts.

This is precisely what St. Matthew’s House hopes for.

“You buy them, enjoy them, then hopefully recycle them or give them back to us. It’s just a great way to support what I would call the best mission in Southwest Florida,” Moore said.

Quality products and unique styling are just a few of the great things you can find when you save money.

When you shop at St. Matthew’s House, you’re not only getting something of value, you’re also adding value to someone’s life by supporting St. Matthew’s mission.

Maria R. Newman