Thieves use bus to hit bike shop, owner worries it’s part of a scheme – CBS Denver

LITTLETON, Colorado (CBS4) – Thieves went to great lengths to break into a Littleton bike shop. They hit a shuttle in front of the store. It happened early Sunday morning at BikeSource near West Bowles Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard.

(credit: CBS)

Store manager Mike Hernandez was the first to see the damage.

“Literally the whole storefront is moved in,” he said.

Hernandez says thieves have targeted the store before, but he’s never seen an entrance like this.

“They backed the van up and just threw it against the front of the store, he said.

The van looks more like a shuttle, presumably stolen. The words National Sports Center for the Disabled scroll down the side.

“If you look here, you can see how hard they’re breaking down that door,” Hernandez said, watching CCTV of the thieves in action.

(credit: CBS)

Three people jump out of the bus. Their faces are covered with masks, they wear gloves and move quickly. Without looking back, they go straight for the most expensive bikes.

“They raced to a specific bike, a Santa Cruz Bronson with carbon wheels. The guy sees it and gets really excited and then sees it’s locked,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

The same thing happens to one of the other accomplices, and he knocks him down, but rather than walk away empty-handed, the trio take what they can get.

Even though the three bikes were all locked together and difficult to move, the store still lost $13,000. It was an expensive shot, and the second they took.

(credit: CBS)

“Their MO seems to be the same, a group between two and four guys. They use stolen vehicles. They come and go very quickly. It’s always around 2 or 3 a.m., a lot of things add up,” Hernandez said.

A second BikeSource at Highlands Ranch and Front Range competitors also saw it, raising the industry question, could it all be connected?

“Who knows where they’re going, but it looks like it’s part of a bigger project,” he said.

While they try to make repairs, Hernandez says the store is still open.

Maria R. Newman