Upcoming Bike Events, Metro Approves NoHo to Pasadena BRT Plan, and NBA’s Klay Thompson Is One of Us

Let’s start with an overview of some upcoming events.

the the raucous Belgian Waffle Ride rolls through the countryside around San Marcos this weekend, with races starting today.

The LACBC and Metro Bike will be organize an Earth Week family stroll tomorrow in the NoHo Arts District.

A South Pasadena newspaper looks forward to the Opening Ceremony for Sunday’s 626 Golden Streets Mission-to-Mission Open Streets Eventwhich returns after a three-year Covid-induced hiatus.

Wednesday is National Bike Day and Ride to Schoolso plan accordingly.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, May 12, when Streets For All is hosting a virtual happy hour with Culver City Mayor and congressional candidate Dr. Daniel Lee.


Thanks to Robert Leone for reporting on several events in Northern and Southern California.

He brings back racing has resumed at the San Diego outdoor velodrome.

that of San Jose Viva Calle SJ event opens on Sunday.

And the one in San José Helllyer Park Velodrome resumes Wednesday night racing next week.


The metro board has plans approved for bus rapid transit line from North Hollywood to Pasadena.

The approved option, based on the designed by the Beautiful Boulevard community provides dedicated bus lanes, protected bike lanes, on-street parking and a single car-only lane in each direction.

The 18-mile route has attracted widespread community support, despite vocal opposition accusing Metro of “trying to make traffic jams”.

During this time, a writer for city ​​watch call it a useless messwhile attacking the Measure M board and sales tax funding the project, and accusing supporters of being “bought and paid for”.

In this case, I would really like to know who is distributing these checks, because I am still waiting for mine.


Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is one of us, on his bike to play the decisive fifth game against the Denver Nuggets.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes continues.

The crowdfunding campaign to help send deceased cyclist and pastry chef Leonidas Accip Serech home for burial in Guatemala, and to benefit his brother and family, has now raised nearly $17,000 of the $20,000 goal. Serech was on his way to work with his brother when he was killed by a driver trying to elude another man in Koreatown.

Culver City News reposted an article on bike safety written for State Farm Insurance, without citing the source. And without bothering to use paragraphs.


Long-time transportation equity advocate and professor at Antioch University Dr. Adonia Lugo has been appointed to a position with the California Transportation Commissionthough she still needs confirmation from the state senate.

The Pacific Beach Planning Group recommends that San Diego continue plans to make the slow street on Diamond Street permanentafter City called off an earlier effort after facing vocal opposition.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria says he’s committed to improving the city’s bike lane networkeven when those plans are met with stiff opposition – despite the recent controversy that resulted in the removal of new advisory lanes in the Mira Mesa neighborhood, with the mayor going door to door apologizing.

A a new documentary follows a Palo Alto ultracyclist as he races 3,000 miles across the United States in Race Across America, aka RAAM, to raise money for cancer research.

Congratulation to Rich City Rides Co-op Founder Najari Smith Named 2022 Bike Champion of the Year for Contra Costa County. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving and inspiring person.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking comments on a proposed rating system for vehicle impacts on pedestrians. And by extension, cyclists. Let’s tell them that any vehicle that scores less than three on the five-point scale should be banned from the roads. Starting with oversized pickups and SUVs with tall, flat grilles designed to kill.

A crowdfunding page for a 13-year-old Utah boy killed by hit-and-run driver raised over $33,000 of the $36,000 goal in a single day; he was only a block from his home when he was killed.

Incredible. A Iowa man charged with killing woman on bike while distracted walking when the judge dismissed the case, agreeing with the defense that there was insufficient evidence for a conviction.

Houston, Texas continues to improve the city’s disjointed bicycle network, with plans for new cycle paths to connect several existing segments.

The Boston Globe said the best way to see Acadia National Park in Maine is by bikewhether you are an experienced rider or just a beginner. Again, this is true for almost all other national parks as well. Tip: Stop the page as soon as it loads to pass the newspaper paywall.

Streetsblog say it NYPD’s Alleged Crackdown on Drivers Who Didn’t Yield to Pedestrians Is Anything But.

It was time. A group of New York council members are asking the Department of Education to add cycling to the curriculumand teach bike safety in every school.

the New York one The annual TD Five Boro Bike Tour returns to full power this weekendwith 32,000 cyclists registered for the 40-mile bike tour through each of the city’s five boroughs.


A dubious new British study claims electric scooters are five times safer than cyclingand pose much less risk to pedestrians than expected.

A An Englishman was collateral damage in a road rage dispute between two driversone of whom denied responsibility for his death in court.

Postmen in New Zealand will deliver the mail on foot or by bicycle, after the the entire fleet of electric mail buggies have been taken off the road due to a maintenance issue.

Competitive cycling

The popular Over The Hump ATV Race Series Kicks Off Tuesday to Lakeview Park at Lake Irvine in Santiago, California.

Finally some good news for Dutch pro Amy Pieters, who regained consciousness after four months in a medically induced comaafter suffering severe brain damage in a training accident; however, doctors are unsure how much of her previous abilities she will eventually recover.

To finish…

That feeling when a former professional cyclist, soldier, CEO, lawyer, author, academic, hostage responder, weapons instructor and King Strava KOM is not. If you lose an arm in a crash while riding your bike, just build a new one.

And before you get carried away by the party your victory, make sure you really won.


Be safe and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and damn Poutine too.

Maria R. Newman