“We all share the same roads” – Various biker events held during Motorcycle Safety Month | News

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – The warmer weather has only been here for a little while, but we have already reported motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Now locals are taking the floor to discuss safety.

Bikers from all over came to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods to be blessed as they rode their motorcycles. The Sisters of Providence meet every year to organize “Bikers, Blessing, and BBQ”.

This is the fourth year for this. They say it’s important for motorcyclists to stay safe on the roads.

“We know it’s a good time to do it, it’s spring, the bikers are starting to hit the road and we know the traffic can be quite dangerous, so we always invite them to get blessed and do bless their motorcycles,” said Sister Paula Damiano. , co-director of the Providence Spirituality and Conference Center for the Sisters of Providence,” said.

Biker Lisa Vanglider has been riding for over four years now and attends this event every year. She says she has witnessed horrible accidents with her own eyes.

Vanglider says she always wears a helmet on the road. She adds that it’s good to know that someone else is praying for her safety.

“It’s security, I feel safe and I know that someone other than my husband and my friends is watching over me,” she said.

But the biker events in the Wabash Valley don’t stop there. On Saturday, the American Ride for Vets took place for the first time.

This ride is hosted by American Legion Post 346 Wayne Newton in Terre Haute. All proceeds go to vets in need.

Gordon Powell Sr. one of the organizers says he will never forget an accident he saw before his eyes. He wants to make sure everyone is alert on the roads so accidents like the one he saw never happen again.

“He had a lot of grit and rashes in his muscles, he actually had to get the dirt off and stuff, so they went through a lot of pain and it’s not worth it,” he said. he declares.

Sister Paula adds that safety is the first priority no matter where you drive.

“We all share the same roads and between pedestrians and other drivers, truckers and inattentive drivers, it’s important that we all try to be safe and consider others,” he said. she stated.

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Maria R. Newman