When Robert De Niro spoofed ‘Taxi Driver’ in an animation

Celebrated for being one of the best acting talents in movie history, Robert De Niro has a natural knack for fully playing some of the film’s most intense characters. Abundantly present in all of Martin Scorsese’s films in Angry bull, Taxi driver, and King of comedy, each of De Niro’s performances is as iconic as the last.

Speaking in a interview with Charlie Rose at the exit of Jackie Brown, the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino even qualified Robert De Niro of “best actor of the world”. Continuing, the director adds: “I have never seen an actor so completely consumed in the character, in the real work of the character during the work. And what I mean by that is when Robert plays Louis… he works from moment to moment ”.

“De Niro has this. He is so much in his character, ”concludes the director, completing his brilliant speech on the great American actor. Although Quentin Tarantino may suggest he is “the best actor in the world”, in modern cinema Robert De Niro has also taken part in his fair share of critical and commercial flops, including Dirty grandpa Little fockers and The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

The aforementioned final film is particularly odd, based on the television cartoon of the same name following Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose on a mission to stop the misdeeds of their nemesis, Fearless Leader, played by live-action Robert De Niro. Despite De Niro’s eclectic mix of roles over the years, this one is particularly bizarre.

De Niro’s fearless frontman speaks with a weird and irreplaceable accent somewhere between British and Italian, wearing a slicked wet hairstyle, cartoonish scar and blue eyeglass. It’s a surreal turning point for the influential actor, who in one scene even remembers his iconic line at Martin Scorsese Taxi driver, when Travis Bickle walks up to the mirror and says “Are you talking to me?”

Swiveling on a large black leather chair, De Niro’s character addresses his two buddies on a big screen in front of him, asking them, “Did you wind up the moose and the squirrel?” Once they hesitate to respond, however, the actor announces, “Are you talking to me? You’re talking to me? So who else are you talking to? You’re talking to me? Well I’m the only one here so you have to talk to me, ”directly reflecting the lines of the original Scorsese classic.

Talk to Game radar in 2008, however, it seems De Niro doesn’t regret taking on such frivolous and family roles. When asked if such films “tainted his legacy”, he replied, “I had fun in these films. Uh, I had a great time on Rocky & Bullwinkle”.

We are still waiting for a parody of his Russian roulette scene in The deer hunter.


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